Friday, March 30, 2012

Adventure Comics

Note that Adventure Comics was originally titled New Comics and then later New Adventure Comics.

There are two eras in which Adventure Comics stories have been incorporated into the Super Comics Universe.  The second era was published by Super Comics, which I'll discuss below.  Finally, there was another era, in which many stories from Adventure happened in the Wronskiverse in a very similar way.

So lets start with the Golden Age.  In the 1992 series "Mystery Men", we learned that all comic books from the golden age of comics up until the end of World War II were incorporated into the Wronskiverse.  So all the issues of Adventure Comics up until the end of 1945 are part of Wronskiverse canon.  Even stories that don't occur in that era still are incorporated if they were published during that era.

This includes the stories from December 1935 to December 1945 of:  17-20 on the Black, Anchors Aweigh, Andy Handy, Barry O'Neill, Billy the Kid, Blood Pearls, Bulldog Martin, Butch the Pup, Cal 'n' Alec, Captain Desmo, Captain Jim of the Texas Rangers, Captain Quick, Captain Spiniker, Castaway Island, Chikko Chakko, Cotton Carver, Dale Daring, Detective Sergeant Carey, Dickie Duck, Don Coyote, Federal Men, Freddie Bell, Genius Jones, Ginger Snap, Golden Dragon, Goofo the Great, Gulliver's Travels, Hardluck Harry, Hourman, Hubert, Inspector Kent, J. Worthington Blimp, Jack Woods, Jibby Jones, Jungle Fever, King Arthur, Maginnis of the Mounties, Manhunter, Mark Lansing, Mike Gibbs, Monastery of the Blue God, Nadir Master of Magic, Needles, Ol' Oz Bopp, Paul Kirk Manhunter, Peter and Ho-lah-an, Professor Doolittle, Ramblin' Jim, Ray and Gail, Robin Hood, Rusty and his Pals, Sagebrush 'n' Cactus, Sam the Porter, Sandman, Sandor, Sara Lou Sunshine, She, Shining Knight, Sir Loin of Beef, Skip Schuyler, Slim and Tex, Socko Strong, Starman, Steve Conrad, Steve Malone, Strange Adventures of Mr. Weed, Tale of Two Cities, Tod Hunter, Tom Brent, Vikings, Wing Walker, and other single stories with non-recurring characters.

Note that the funny talking animals don't actually reside in the Wronskiverse but in the reality of Animal Town, USA.

In addition, all of the comics published during November 1979 to October 1986 were ripped off and retold as stories involving Super Comics characters.  In Action Adventure, stories featuring Speedy, the Super-Trio, Waterman, Stretch, Space Hero, Changer,  Zap, Super-Bob, Screamer, the Sleeper, Vonski, Pretty Gal, the Fantastic Four, Witch Woman, Powerkid, Powerlord, the Zap Family, Space Patrol, Zappette, and Phil Sheridan were all largely copies of respective stories featuring the Flash, the Justice Society of America, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Starman, Dial "H" for Hero, Captain Marvel, Superboy, Black Canary, Sandman, the Spectre, Supergirl, the Challengers of the Unknown, Zatanna, Superman, Captain Marvel Junior, the Marvel Family, the Legion of Super-Heores, Mary Marvel, and Jimmy Olsen from Adventure Comics.

From 1989 to 1990, Super Comics published 24 issues and two annuals of a second volume of Adventure Comics, that featured Dark Knight over Hadenville, the Phantom Stranger, Nightmare on Elm Street, the Tele-Kid, Powerman, and the Golden Age Superman.

So that's Adventure Comics' role in the Wronskiverse.

Saturday, March 17, 2012



Created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff

Real Name:   Katherine "Kathy" Webb Kane  Wayne

Current Occupation:  Deceased; former circus owner

Parents:  Unnamed

Siblings:  Unnamed brother

Spouse:  Bruce Wayne (divorced)

Children:  Bruce Wayne Junior

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Gotham City

Place of Death:  Unknown

First Appearance:  Detective Comics #233 (July 1956)


Kathy Kane was a bored socialite obsessed with Batman, and so in the late 1940s he created her own costumed identity of Batwoman.  Eventually she wooed Batman, and Kathy wed Bruce Wayne.  However, Bruce's heart really belonged to Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman.

Regardless, the two had a child, Bruce Junior.  Kathy and Bruce divorced, and the two shared custody, meaning that the boy bounced back and forth between his father's estate outside Gotham and his mother's newly acquired circus.  Eventually Bruce Junior (or BJ) became Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman, despite Kathy's objections.

In the 1970s, Kathy was killed as part of a plot by Kane, leading Bruce to leave Gotham to seek out the villain once and for all.  He failed in killing the immortal villain, and instead was himself killed.


Kathy Kane's Wronskiverse canon is relegated to her Earth-2 appearances [due to the inclusion of the Earth-2 Batman canon via the incorporation of Crossovers, which includes the Huntress], her "second Batman and Robin" imaginary story appearances [which is the original basis for the generational Bruce Wayne Junior stories which are used in Crossovers], the appearance of the brunette married to Bruce Wayne in Generations [again, due to Crossovers], and the death storyline from the 1970s [only so that I could have an ending for her].

Friday, March 9, 2012



Created by  Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino

Real Name:  Boston Brand

Current Occupation:  Hero

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  Cleveland Brand (twin brother, deceased)

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Current Place of Residence:  Mobile

First  Appearance:  Strange Adventures #205 (October 1967)


Trapeze artist extraordinaire and part-owner of the small Hills Bros. Circus, Boston Brand performed nightly as Deadman, a garishly garbed and ghastly disguised figure who played on his audience's most morbid instincts. One evening, Brand was murdered by a rifleman who had a steel hook for a right hand.
Yet, despite the death of his body, Brand's spirit lived on, a gift from the Eastern deity Rama Kushna for the many kindnesses Brand had performed during his life. Brand's spirit would continue to live, Rama Kushna told him, until Brand found the man who had murdered him and brought the killer to justice.
Thus began one of the most bizarre manhunts in history, a quest that led Brand's spirit around the world and ultimately to the hidden lair of the League of Assassins, where Brand learned he had been slain as part of an initiation test for a man who wanted to join the League. Brand's slayer was then slain in turn by the dreaded leader of the League, the Sensei.
Denied personal vengeance by the Sensei's act, Brand's spirit confronted Rama Kushna and struck a new bargain: he would be allowed to remain on Earth as a balancing agent between the forces of good and evil until such time as he felt a balance had finally been struck and his soul was satisfied. That time has not yet come and the spirit of Boston Brand continues to walk the Earth, a Deadman dedicated to the cause of justice.


Deadman is brought into the Wronskiverse first by his being part of the post crisis DCU, and then by his inclusion in Crosssovers.

His canon appearances are those few entries found in Crossovers (which place him operating in the 1950s) and then the stories that he appeared in from June 1987 (Secret Origins # 15) to December 1992.

Coming soon, Deadman will be leaving the Wronskiverse.  Details coming soon.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

George Perez

Occasionally, I will do bios of the creators who have contributed to Super Comics either directly or indirectly.  Today I will cover George Perez.

The following works of Perez are in Super Comics continuity:

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #6"The Way of the Jackal"November 1974Penciller
Creatures on the Loose #33Man-Wolf : "Deathgame"January 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #7"Tigers in a Mind-Cage"December 1974Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #8"A Storm of Vengeance"January 1975Penciller
Creatures on the Loose #34Man-Wolf : "Nightflight"March 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #9"Slaughter in Central Park"February 1975Penciller
Creatures on the Loose #35Man-Wolf : "Wolfquest"May 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #10"They Who Dwell Within"March 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #11"Gladiators in the Crypt of Tomorrow"April 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #12"The Crack of the Whip"May 1975Penciller
Creatures on the Loose #36Man-Wolf : "Weird Stone"July 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #13"Death is My Co-Star"June 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #14"The Valley of Ancestors"July 1975Penciller
Creatures on the Loose #37Man-Wolf : "Moonbound"September 1975Penciller
Inhumans #1Inhumans : "Spawn of Alien Heat"October 1975Penciller
Power Man #27Power Man : "Just a Guy Named 'X'"October 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #16"The Rites of Every Citizen"September 1975Penciller
Fantastic Four #164Fantastic Four : "The Crusader Syndrome"November 1975Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #17"Politics of Death"October 1975Penciller
Inhumans #2Inhumans : "Star-Slaves"December 1975Penciller
Fantastic Four #165Fantastic Four : "The Light of Other Worlds"December 1975Penciller
Fantastic Four #166Fantastic Four : "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be the Hulk"January 1976Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19"An Ending"December 1975Penciller
Inhumans #3Inhumans : "Panic in New York"February 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #167Fantastic Four : "Titans Two"February 1976Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20"The Beginning"January 1976Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #21"To Claw the Eyes of Night"February 1976Penciller
Inhumans #4Inhumans : "The Doom Called Shatterstar"April 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #170Fantastic Four : "A Sky Full of Fear"May 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #171Fantastic Four : "Death is a Golden Gorilla"June 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #172Fantastic Four : "Cry, the Bedeviled Planet"July 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #176Fantastic Four : "Improbable as It May Seem -- the Impossible Man is Back in Town"November 1976Penciller
Inhumans #8Inhumans : "Dust and Demons"December 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #177Fantastic Four : "Look Out for the Frightful Four"December 1976Penciller
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #30"Threads of Evil... Web of Hate"November 1976Penciller
Fantastic Four #178Fantastic Four : "Call My Killer -- the Brute"January 1977Penciller
Fantastic Four #184Fantastic Four : "Aftermath:The Eliminator"July 1977Penciller
Fantastic Four #185Fantastic Four : "Here There Be Witches"August 1977Penciller
Fantastic Four #186Fantastic Four : "Enter:Salem's Seven"September 1977Penciller
Fantastic Four #187Fantastic Four : "Trouble Times Two"October 1977Penciller
Fantastic Four #188Fantastic Four : "The Rampage of Reed Richards"November 1977Penciller
Fantastic Four #191Fantastic Four : "Four No More"February 1978Penciller
Fantastic Four #192Fantastic Four : "He Who Soweth the Wind..."March 1978Penciller
Marvel Premiere #45Man-Wolf : (No Title)December 1978Penciller
Marvel Premiere #46Man-Wolf : "Stargod"February 1979Penciller
Marvel Two-in-One #56Thing : "The Deadlier of the Species"October 1979Penciller
Marvel Two-in-One #57Thing : "When Walks Wundarr"November 1979Penciller
Marvel Two-in-One #58Thing : "To the Nth Power"December 1979Penciller
Fantastic Four Annual #14Fantastic Four : "Cat's-Paw"1980Penciller
Marvel Two-in-One #60Thing : "Happiness is a Warm Alien"February 1980Penciller
Marvel Two-in-One #64Thing : "From the Depths"June 1980Penciller
Marvel Two-in-One #65Thing : "Serpents from the Sea"July 1980Penciller
Fantastic Four Annual #15Fantastic Four : "Time for the Prime Ten"1980Penciller

Marvel Fanfare #10Black Widow : "Widow"August 1983Plotter/Penciller
Marvel Fanfare #11Black Widow : "Back in the U.S.S.R."November 1983Plotter/Penciller

Marvel Fanfare #12Black Widow : "The Web Tightens"January 1984Plotter/Penciller

Marvel Fanfare #13Black Widow : "The Widow... Alone"March 1984Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #1"The Summoning"April 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #2"Time and Time Again"May 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #3"Oblivion Upon Us"June 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #4"And Thus Shall the World Die"July 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #5"Worlds in Limbo"August 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #6"3 Earths! 3 Deaths"September 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #7"Beyond the Silent Night"October 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #8"A Flash of the Lightning"November 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #9"War Zone"December 1985Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #10"Death at the Dawn of Time"January 1986Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #10"The Monitor Tapes..."January 1986Artist
Crisis on Infinite Earths #11"Aftershock"February 1986Penciller
Crisis on Infinite Earths #12"Final Crisis"March 1986Plotter/Penciller

History of the DC Universe #1(Book One)1987Penciller
Wonder Woman #1Wonder Woman : "The Princess and the Power"February 1987Plotter/Penciller
History of the DC Universe #2(Book Two)1987Penciller
Wonder Woman #2Wonder Woman : "A Fire in the Sky"March 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #3Wonder Woman : "Deadly Arrival"April 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #4Wonder Woman : "A Long Day's Journey into Fright"May 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #5Wonder Woman : "The Ares Assault"June 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #6Wonder Woman : "Powerplay"July 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #7Wonder Woman : "Rebirth"August 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #8Wonder Woman : "Time Passages"September 1987Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #9Wonder Woman : "Blood of the Cheetah"October 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #10Wonder Woman : "Paradise Lost"November 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #11Wonder Woman : "Fire and Torment"December 1987Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #12Wonder Woman : "Echoes of the Past"January 1988Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #13Wonder Woman : "Demonplague"February 1988Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #14Wonder Woman : "For the Glory of Gaea"March 1988Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #15Wonder Woman : "Swan Song"April 1988Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #16Wonder Woman : "Bird of Paradise/Bird of Prey"May 1988Plotter/Penciller
Action Comics #600Superman/Wonder Woman : "Different Worlds"May 1988Inker
Wonder Woman #17Wonder Woman : "Traces"June 1988Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #18Wonder Woman : "Creatures of the Dark"July 1988Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #19Wonder Woman : "The Witch on the Island"August 1988Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #20Wonder Woman : "Who Killed Myndi Mayer?"September 1988Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #21Wonder Woman : "Cosmic Migration"October 1988Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #22Wonder Woman : "Through Destiny's Door"November 1988Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman Annual #1Wonder Woman : "Amazons"1988Writer/Inker
Wonder Woman Annual #1Wonder Woman : "Testament"1988Writer/Artist
Wonder Woman #23Wonder Woman : "A God Among Men"December 1988Writer/Penciller
New Titans #50Teen Titans : "Home Again"December 1988Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #24Wonder Woman : "Combat Zone"1988Writer/Penciller
New Titans #51Teen Titans : "Secrets Behind the Cosmos"Winter 1988Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #25Wonder Woman : "The Burning School"1988Writer
Wonder Woman #26Wonder Woman : "The Immortal Storm"January 1989Writer
New Titans #52Teen Titans : "Trackdown"January 1989Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #27Wonder Woman : "From Day into Night"February 1989Writer
New Titans #53Teen Titans : "Battle Plan"February 1989Plotter/Penciller

Wonder Woman #28Wonder Woman : "Jungle Sacrament"March 1989Writer
New Titans #54Teen Titans : "Answers and Questions"March 1989Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #29Wonder Woman : "Bloodvine"April 1989Writer
Wonder Woman #30Wonder Woman : "To Live by the Sword"May 1989Writer
Secret Origins Annual #3Teen Titans : "Pieces of the Puzzle"1989Writer/Inker
Action Comics Annual #2Superman : "Memories of Krypton's Past"1989Writer/Inker
Wonder Woman #31Wonder Woman : "The Savage Moon"June 1989Writer
New Titans #55Teen Titans : "Transition"June 1989Plotter/Penciller
Wonder Woman #32Wonder Woman : "Meanwhile..."July 1989Writer
New Titans #56Teen Titans : "More Than Human"July 1989Plotter
Action Comics #643Superman : "Superman on Earth"July 1989Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #33Wonder Woman : "Secrets in the Sand"August 1989Writer
Adventures of Superman #457Superman : "Echoes"August 1989Plotter
New Titans #57Teen Titans : "Study in Steel"August 1989Plotter/Penciller
Action Comics #644Superman : "Doppelganger"August 1989Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #34Wonder Woman : "The Tournament of the Crown"September 1989Writer
New Titans #58Teen Titans : "Controls"September 1989Plotter
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "The Game of the Name"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Headline"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Trademark"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Logo"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Banner"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Marquee"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Legend"September 1989Writer
Wonder Woman Annual #2Wonder Woman : "Tribute"September 1989Writer
Adventures of Superman #458Superman : "I Sing the Body Elastic"September 1989Plotter
Action Comics #645Superman : "My Lady Maxima"September 1989Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #35Wonder Woman : "Journey's End"October 1989Writer
New Titans #59Teen Titans : "Beast of Burden"October 1989Plotter
Adventures of Superman #459Superman : "Solitude"October 1989Plotter
Batman #440Batman : "Suspects"1989Plotter
Wonder Woman #36Wonder Woman : "Changes in the Wind"November 1989Plotter
New Titans #60Teen Titans : "Roots"November 1989Plotter/Penciller
Action Comics #647Superman : "Brain Drain"November 1989Penciller
Wonder Woman #37Wonder Woman : "Strangers in Paradise"December 1989Plotter
New Titans #61Teen Titans : "Going Home"December 1989Plotter
Adventures of Superman #461Superman : "Home"December 1989Inker
Batman #442Batman : "Rebirth"1989Plotter
Action Comics #648Superman : "Body and Mind"December 1989Penciller
Wonder Woman #38Wonder Woman : "Forbidden Fruit"January 1990Plotter
Action Comics #649Superman : "Man and Machine"January 1990Penciller
Wonder Woman #39Wonder Woman : "Poisoned Souls"February 1990Plotter
Action Comics #650Superman : "Reflections"February 1990Penciller
Wonder Woman #40Wonder Woman : "Divided We Fall"March 1990Plotter
Action Comics #651Superman : "Not of this Earth"March 1990Penciller
Wonder Woman #41Wonder Woman : "The Ties That Bind"April 1990Writer
Action Comics #652Superman : "Wayward Son"April 1990Penciller
Wonder Woman #42Wonder Woman : "The Silver Wing of Terror"May 1990Plotter
New Titans #66Teen Titans : "Fatal Attraction"May 1990Plotter
Wonder Woman #43Wonder Woman : "The Armageddon Aria"June 1990Plotter
New Titans #67Teen Titans : "If Looks Could Kill"July 1990Plotter
Wonder Woman #44Wonder Woman : "Caged"July 1990Plotter

Wonder Woman #45Wonder Woman : "Legacy"August 1990Writer

Secret Origins #50"The Glimpse"August 1990Artist
Secret Origins #50"The Startling Secret of the Space Museum"August 1990Inker
Wonder Woman #46Wonder Woman : "Chalk Drawings"September 1990Writer
Wonder Woman #47Wonder Woman : "Common Ground"October 1990Writer
Wonder Woman #48Wonder Woman : "Fang and Claw"November 1990Writer
Wonder Woman #49Wonder Woman : (No Title)December 1990Writer
Wonder Woman #50Wonder Woman : "Embrace the Coming Dawn"January 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #51Wonder Woman : "Speeding Image"February 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #52Wonder Woman : "Shards"March 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #53Wonder Woman : "Welcome to My Nightmare"April 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #54Wonder Woman : "Mind Games"May 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #55Wonder Woman : "Psycho Path"June 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #56Wonder Woman : "Victims"July 1991Writer
Wonder Woman #57Wonder Woman : "The Fugitive Kind"August 1991Writer

War of the Gods #1"Hellfire's Web"September 1991Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #58Wonder Woman : "Atlas Shrugged"September 1991Writer
War of the Gods #2"The Holy Wars"October 1991Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #59Wonder Woman : "Tales from the Front Lines"October 1991Writer
War of the Gods #3"Casualties of War"November 1991Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #60Wonder Woman : "Blood and Sand"November 1991Writer
War of the Gods #4"In the Beginning... There Was the End"December 1991Writer/Penciller
Wonder Woman #61Wonder Woman : "To Avenge an Amazon"January 1992Writer
Wonder Woman #62Wonder Woman : "Pages Turned"February 1992Writer
Deathstroke, the Terminator #10Deathstroke : "Needs and Necessities"May 1992Inker
Deathstroke, the Terminator #11Deathstroke : "Crimes and Commitments"June 1992Inker
Team Titans #1 [Variant B]Team Titans : "Nightrider"September 1992Inker
Team Titans #1 [Variant D]Team Titans : "Terra"September 1992Inker

Additionally, he created works that inspired my own works.

His work helped me inspire my creation and work of Luke Devlin, the Super-Trio, Powerman, Space Hero, Super Rock, Detective Lebane, and Doctor Mystery.

George Pérez

George Pérez with two nieces dressed asWonder Girl (left) and Terra (right)
BornJune 9, 1954 (age 57)
New York CityNew York
Area(s)Writer, PencillerInker
Notable worksAvengers, vol. 3
Crisis on Infinite Earths
New Teen Titans
Wonder Woman, vol. 2
AwardsEagle Award, 1979, 1980, 1986, 2000
Inkpot Award, 1983
Jack Kirby Award, 1985, 1986