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Carmine Infantino

Occasionally, I will do bios of the creators who have contributed to Super Comics either directly or indirectly.  Today I will cover Carmine Infantino.

The following works of Infantino are in Super Comics continuity:

Detective Comics #572 featuring Batman : "The Doomsday Book" (March 1987) as Penciller

Secret Origins #17 featuring Adam Strange : "The Secret Origin of Adam Strange" (August 1987) as Penciller

Secret Origins Annual #2 featuring Flash : "Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt" (1988) as Penciller

Action Comics Weekly #642 featuring Green Lantern, Superman, Nightwing, and Deadman : "Where There is a Will..." (March 1989) as Penciller

Secret Origins #40 featuring Gorilla Grodd : "Gorillas in Our Midst" (May 1989) Penciller

Flash Special #1 : "Captives of the Atom Master" (1990) as Penciller

Secret Origins #50 : "The Startling Secret of the Space Museum" (August 1990) as Penciller

Ms. Tree Quarterly #8 featuring King Faraday : "The Harlequin Carnival" (Summer 1992) as Penciller

The Post Crisis era:  

Batman:  The Batman during this era was Batman III (Bruce Wayne Junior). In the Wronskiverse, Batman is a generational hero, just like in the Television Crossover Universe, the Crossover Universe, the Wold Newton Universe, and the Generations Universe.

Adam Strange:  Adam Strange at this time was a fairly new hero who only had gone to Rann for the first time a few years ago.

The Flash:  The golden age Flash operated from 1938 to 1955.  He returned briefly in 1992.  The second Flash, Barry Allen, began his career in 1966, and continued until 1985.  Then he was replaced by Wally West, who had been Kid Flash in the 1960s, then was shot forward in time and came out in 1985 to become the newest Flash.

Green Lantern:  Hal Jordan became Green Lantern in 1966 and continued operating up until 1992.

Superman:  This is the third Superman, Sam Kent, who is the grandson of the original.

Nightwing:  This hero is Rick Grayson, son of Dick Grayson.

Deadman:  Deadman is basically the same as in the DCU, except that he died in the 1940s.

Gorilla Grodd:  Enemy of the Flash, first came to menace the Flash in 1966.

Space Museum:  A museum in the 25th century.

King Faraday:  A government agent, though only a ten or twenty year veteran.

Additionally, he created works that inspired my own works.

His work helped me inspire my creation and work of Krazel, Luke Devlin, Shon Crest, Super Rock, Bird Man, the Powerkid Police, Interstellar Peace Organization, Star Patrol, the Unknown, Pretty Gal, PowermanSuper-Heroes, Tornado Man, Vic-20, and Doctor Mystery.

Carmine Infantino

Infantino at the Big Apple Convention in Manhattan, October 2, 2010.
BornMay 24, 1925 (age 85)
BrooklynNew York City
Notable worksDetective Comics
AwardsNational Cartoonists Society Award, various Alley Awards.Expanded list.
Official website

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