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Created by Dennis E. Power, based on characters created by Hanna Barbera, Bud Fisher, Stan Laurel, Bud Abbott, Danny Kaye, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David.  Additional conflations added by Robert E. Wronski, Jr. based on characters created by Harold Ramis,Sam Raimi, and some others under dispute.

Real Name:  Buzsla

Aliases:  Barney Rubble, Augustus Mutt, Stan, Don Sebastian, Lord Paddington, Stan Laurel, Alf Laurel, Stanley MacLaurel, Stannie Dum, Stanlio, Mrs. Hardy, Senor Laurel, Stan Jr., M. Laurel, Ali-Bek, Stan Sr., Mr. Pincher, Little Twinkle Star, Texas Tommy, Philip, Ferdinand Finkleberry, Little Goofy, Chester Chaste, Cuthbert Hope, Willie Brisling, Romaine Ricketts, Anatole, Hives, Dangerfield, Summers, Winchell McSweeney, Dr. Pyckle, Mr. Pryde, Webster Dingle, Rhubarb Vaselino, Sum Sap, McPherson's Son, Gabriel Goober, the King, Rudolph Razz, Dippy Donawho, Smithy, Magnus Dippytack, Basil Dippytack, Bob Cannister, Olaf, Prof. Stanlislaus Laurello, Phillup McCann, Tanglefoot, Lord Helpus, Jimmy Smith, Humpty Dumpty, Toby, Sam Squirrel, Simp, Pete, Hiram, Bud Abbott, Ernie Kauffman, Bud Flick, Harry "Slim" Pierce, Lester, Rocky Stonebridge, Tom Watson, Mr. Dinkel, Mr. Dinkelpuss, Al Stewart, Bud Alexander, Bud Jones, Casey Edwards, Buzz Johnson, Harry Lambert, Chick Young, Ted Higgins, Duke Egan, Slicker Smith, Cuthbert Greenway, Dr. Ralph Greenway, Eddie L. Morrison, T.S. Chandler, Buzz Kurtis, Dexter Broadhurst, Slats McCarthy, Peter Johnson, Eddie Harrington, Flash Fulton, Grover Mockridge, Chick Larkin, Algernon "Algy" Shaw, Doc, Blackie Benson, Chuck Murray, Smokey Adams, Hubert Hawkins, Ed Norton, Cosmo Kramer, Oh, Joxer, and Mulroy.  These are the only known aliases based on my research.

Current Occupation:  Unknown

Parents:  Unnamed

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  Has been married and divorced or widowed many times.  See the biography section.

Children:  It is possible he has had children.  See the biography section.

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  A small tribal village in Isreal

Current Place of Residence:  Unknown

First Appearance as Buszla:  Immortal Befuddled

Biography and Comments:

Dennis E. Power, who created Buzsla, has established a very comprehensive biography and chronology of Buzsla, which can be found at  I won't try to restate what's already been done so well by the creator.

However, it should be noted that over in my other blog, the Television Crossover Universe, I have been dropping hints about my expansion on the Ollu and Buzsla concept in several blogs.  I have yet to actually tackle the duo in my own blog, but when I do so, I won't rehash what Dennis had done, but will only expand on it.  And hopefully I do him justice.

Check out these blogs I have written that mention Buzsla:

Apr 16, 2011
Often, OLLU AND BUZSLA were also pulled from the TVCU to be guest commentators. SNAGGLEPUSS and MILDEW WOLF were the regular hosts. JABBERJAW (of the TVCU) and PETER POTAMUS were frequent guest judges. The Scooby Doobies team consisted ...
Apr 08, 2011
Spring 1954--ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY--The immortals Ollu andBuzsla are in Egypt when they encounter the mummy Klaris (not the be confused with his cousin Kharis from THE MUMMY'S HAND and sequels.) ...
Mar 16, 2011
The two local villagers who were at the tree were Ollu (who ate the fruit) and Buzsla. They would go on to have many different identities. The three who were lost had names whose original spelling is lost, but are pronounced Moe, Larry, ...
Apr 10, 2011
But more importantly, I've tried to respectfully build upon his "Ollu and Buzsla" concept. And finally, there is Chuck Loridans. His MONSTAAH site sadly is gone, but it is not forgotten. I've tried my hardest to honor its memory by ...

22 hours ago
I actually conjecture (and since it's my world, that means it is) that Buzsla was Joxer, the clumsy would be hero who would tag along with Xena. And Ollu was Salmoneus, the slightly sleazy but goodhearted con man that often encountered ...
Apr 21, 2011
Dennis also informs us that Fred and Barney are the immortals OLLU and BUZSLA. The three families go camping together. The babies witness Samantha using magic, but they can't talk yet. Samantha secretly uses her powers to mess with the ...

Even though the TVCU is different than the Wronskiverse, my crossovers for Ollu and Buzsla over there are also incorporated here.

So why is Dennis' work in?  In 2007, the Wronskiverse incorporated Win Scott Eckert's Crossover Chronology, which has now evolved into his book, Crossovers:  A Secret Chronology of the World.  Win included in his chronology Dennis' Immortal Befuddled.  Thus, that was also incorporated, which have me unauthorized, but self-proclaimed license to expand on Dennis' work.  I do so with the utmost respect to his original work as a fan.  

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