Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ken Maxwell

Ken Maxwell

Ken Maxwell (March 1973 – ), born Kenneth Earl Maxwell, was an American comic book writer and editor. Growing up in Orange, Maxwell entered the comics industry in the 1980s. In 1984, Maxwell and writers Robert E. Wronski, Jr. and Phil Sheridan created the highly successful supervillain character Krusher for Super Comics. During the 1980s, Maxwell would create a number of stories for various publishers, often teaming with Wronski.
After high school, Maxwell returned to comics and worked in a variety of genres. He contributed to a number of publishers, including Super Comics. In the 1990s, Maxwell co-created many of Super Comics' major characters, including the Dragon, and the New Power Organization, along with writer-editor Robert E. Wronski, Jr. Despite the success of the Wronski-Maxwell titles, Maxwell left the company in 1995.
Ken Maxwell

BornKenneth Earl Maxwell
March 1973
Massachusetts, United States

Area(s)Writer, Editor
Pseudonym(s)Mad Dog Maxwell
Notable worksPowerman, Justice, Heroes of Earth, Powerkid, Powerkid Police

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