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Bossman Enterprises

Bossman Enterprises

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.


Between 1981 and 1984, Michael Bossman was an underworld kingpin called the Boss.  Using his illegally gotten gains, he created a company called Bossman Enterprises, in which he patented and produced new technologies that he stole from alien civilizations during his younger years as an agent of the Interstellar Peace Organization.

The technologies were just subtle enough to prove successful and groundbreaking on Earth but not advanced enough to draw the attention of the IPO.  He was so successful that by 1984 Bossman's company was now a multi-billion dollar corporation and Bossman abandoned his underworld alter-ego, though not his evil ways.

From 1984 to 1989, while publicly a booming legal company, secretly is was used by Michael Bossman to conduct any illegal thing that suited him.  This included Bossman's attempts to lure his son Chris Kowalski aka Powerkid over to the dark side, by force if necessary, and it was, though unsuccessful.

In 1989, Bossman's evil finally became public knowledge, and Powerkid apprehended him himself.  Bossman was sent away for multiple murders, kidnappings, rapes, thefts, ect.  He was away for a mere 18 years before his legal team finally got him released.

During his stay in prison, a proxy ran the company, however, Bossman still maintained real control.  His proxy dared not try to take control for real.

When Bossman was released in 2007, he seemingly reformed.  He devoted portions of his company, which he officially regained control of, to humanitarian efforts.  The company began funding NighTforce, a team dedicated to taking down the terrorist cult called the New Power.  The company also secretly funded another team called the Bad Guys, that consisted of reformed super-villains and traveled the globe on covert missions to assist people in need.  The company also later funded the revived Heroes of Earth.

About a year ago, it was revealed that Bossman had not changed his ways, and actually was a member of the inner council of the New Power.  Bossman went into hiding.  This time, perhaps due to some part of Bossman that was actually good, a clause left all of Bossman's money, assets, valuables, and the entire company to his son Chris, and his grandson Connor.  However, Connor being a minor had his mother Yana Oo named his proxy.  Chris, having killed President Bush when under mind control, was in hiding, and named his sister Michelle Wrigley as his proxy.  Thus, now Michelle Wrigley is the head of Bossman Enterprises, and Yana Oo the company's number two.

Today, Bossman Enterprises continues to thrive legally and secretly funding super-heroic operations, including ironically capturing Bossman and taking down the New Power once and for all.


The character of Michael Bossman has gone through many changes over the years.  In 1984, he transitioned from a super-villain who fought the Unknown and Detective Lebane, to an evil billionaire businessman whose goal was to turn his son, Powerkid, to his side.

And yes, in 1984, I came up with the idea of turning the evil mastermind into a rich businessman who uses his business as a front.  Yes, I did that.  Years before Byrne and Ostrander did the same to Luthor and Sivana.  But do I get credit for this?  (Perhaps, though, the Kingpin might be the first.)

From 1984 to 1989, Bossman Enterprises was a major part of Powerkid and Powerman, even when Bossman wasn't the main villain.  His presence was always there in the series.  But even beyond that, Bossman Enterprises has appeared or has been referenced in many Super Comics titles.  Because Bossman Enterprises is the tallest building in Orange City, and located in the exact center of the city, it frequently appears in any story occurring in Orange City.  (And most of the titles do take place in Orange City, or at least visit there at some point.)  Additionally, the mark of "MBE" (for Michael Bossman Enterprises) is often seen on all kinds of tech gadgets in various stories.

Today, the company is a significant part of most Super Comics titles, particularly Powerman, Super Team-Up, Powerkid, Super Team-Up Jr., Super-Trio, Justice, NighTforce, Bad Guys, and Heroes of Earth.

It should be noted that Bossman Enterprises has not appeared in any story that takes place in the future, not even ones in Orange City.  This doesn't necessarily mean that it's not there, but there is no evidence that it is.

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