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The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.


Michael Bossman

The Trapster

Karate Spears



Kitten Girl

First Appearance:  The Bad Guys # 1 (May 2009)

During the Crisis of 2008 - 2009, many super-villains were resurrected by the New Power, though in the end, the New Power was defeated.  But the many villains were free on Earth.

Michael Bossman, a former enemy of his son Chris Kowalski aka Powerman, recruited a team of Powerman's former foes, all of whom like him had reformed.  This team became a covert team secretly funded by Bossman Enterprises, travelling the world helping people in need.

Recently, the Bad Guys found that their leader, Michael Bossman, was really a member of the inner council of the New Power, and had formed the Bad Guys in a ploy to make them his mind controlled minions, a plot that failed.  Bossman went into hiding, and the team was left in a situation where they head to decide where to go now, with their formation a ruse, their leader a villain, and their funding in question.

The team decided that regardless of how they got together, the work they do is what matters, as they continue on the road to redemption.  The Trapster, who had already been the field leader, took leadership of the team.  Shortly after, their funding was resolved as Michelle Wrigley took control of Bossman Enterprises, learned of the Bad Guys, and decided to continue funding their missions.


The Bad Guys was one of the Super Explosion titles following Crisis.  All the members were former Powerkid/Powerman rogues who had previously reformed.

Michael Bossman first appeared in Super Bob stories in 1979 as a supporting character/sidekick.  He became an enemy of the Unknown and Detective Lebane starting in 1982, then became a Powerkid foe starting in 1984.  He reformed in 2007, though as I've mentioned, it was just a ruse.

The Trapster was an enemy of Powerkid, the Unknown, Detective Lebane, and Doctor Mystery starting in 1982.  He reformed as revealed in 2008, and was given the job of head of security for Bossman Enterprises.

Karate Spears first appeared as a foe of Powerkid in 1982.  However, when Powerkid saved his home world in 1985, the villain turned over a new leaf.  This caused the people of his world to overthrow him, now that he was considered weak, and he was imprisoned for years, until 1994 when he escaped and came to Earth, operating as a super hero under the new identity of the Interstellar Ninja.  But in 2008, he (and I) realized how stupid that name was and he returned to his original one (given to him by his creator, Chuck Spears).

The Krusher first became an enemy of Powerkid and the Powerkid Police in 1984.  For years, the heroes would stop him by giving him amnesia, but eventually that stopped working.  In 2001, though, Krusher finally gained power over his power madness, and reformed.

Man-Killer was the quickest to reform.  She first became a foe of Powerkid in 1982, but a few months later, she repented and joined the Powerkid Police.  She actually died in 1990, but was resurrected by the New Power during the Crisis.

Finally, Kitten Girl first became a foe of Super Bob in 1980, later becoming a foe of the Unknown and Detective Lebane.  Eventually, she repented and joined the Powerkid Police.  She was vaporized along with all of Orange City in 1992 by a team of villains.  She was resurrected by the New Power during the Crisis as well.

The team's adventures are sort of inspired by the Suicide Squad and the A-Team.  And it's fun to write because all of these characters bring me back to my childhood.

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