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Created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff

Real Name:   Katherine "Kathy" Webb Kane  Wayne

Current Occupation:  Deceased; former circus owner

Parents:  Unnamed

Siblings:  Unnamed brother

Spouse:  Bruce Wayne (divorced)

Children:  Bruce Wayne Junior

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Gotham City

Place of Death:  Unknown

First Appearance:  Detective Comics #233 (July 1956)


Kathy Kane was a bored socialite obsessed with Batman, and so in the late 1940s he created her own costumed identity of Batwoman.  Eventually she wooed Batman, and Kathy wed Bruce Wayne.  However, Bruce's heart really belonged to Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman.

Regardless, the two had a child, Bruce Junior.  Kathy and Bruce divorced, and the two shared custody, meaning that the boy bounced back and forth between his father's estate outside Gotham and his mother's newly acquired circus.  Eventually Bruce Junior (or BJ) became Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman, despite Kathy's objections.

In the 1970s, Kathy was killed as part of a plot by Kane, leading Bruce to leave Gotham to seek out the villain once and for all.  He failed in killing the immortal villain, and instead was himself killed.


Kathy Kane's Wronskiverse canon is relegated to her Earth-2 appearances [due to the inclusion of the Earth-2 Batman canon via the incorporation of Crossovers, which includes the Huntress], her "second Batman and Robin" imaginary story appearances [which is the original basis for the generational Bruce Wayne Junior stories which are used in Crossovers], the appearance of the brunette married to Bruce Wayne in Generations [again, due to Crossovers], and the death storyline from the 1970s [only so that I could have an ending for her].

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