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Maureen Wright

Maureen Wright (writer)

Maureen Wright (1955 – October 2009), who additionally used the pseudonyms Mozy Hassett and Mozy Wronski, was an American comic book writer for Super Comics.

Maureen Wright
DiedOctober, 2009
United States
Pseudonym(s)Mozy Hassett
Mozy Wronski
Notable worksSuper-Bob, Waterman


Wright began her career as a writer of comic books for her son, Super editor Robert E. Wronski, Jr.. According to writer Robert E. Wronski, Jr., Wright's work for Super appeared from 1979 to 1981, and included the Super-Bob and Waterman series in the late 1970s and 1980s period known to historians and fans as the Wronski Age of Comics.
Wright created two Super characters, the Shark and the Mad Vacuumer.
According to her own account, Wright loved to travel the country and wrote for free. Gradually losing her enthusiasm for comic books, she diminished her production of scripts and retired from comic book scripting entirely in 1981. Wright spent many years working with the mentally retarded. 
Wright died in the United States.


An homage to Wright and co-writer Robert E. Wronski, Jr. appears in the novel Man of Two Seas, which is set in the universe of the Heroes of Earth animated series. In the novel, a place in Orange City is named the "Wronski/Hassett Institute for Aquatic Studies".

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