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Doctor John Grandly

Doctor John Grandly

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  John Grandly

Current Occupation:  Inventor (though it's possible he is retired or deceased)

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  None

Children:  Jim Hawkins (creation)

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Current Place of Residence:  Unknown

First Appearance:  Super Comics # 23, September 1981


Doctor John Grandly was a scientist whose expertise was robotics and artificial intelligence.  He had previously worked with inventor Ted Lawson.  In 1981, Grandly actually created a robot that looked like a six year old boy.  He was able to pass the robot off as a real boy.  He named him Jim Hawkins after the boy from his favorite book, Treasure Island.  Though the boy had some trouble initially adapting and learning, he soon began to feel like a real boy.

Two years later, Grandly upgraded Hawkins into a 16 year old model.  Unfortunately, Hawkin's new personality programming worked to well as Hawkins became rebellious, as teens are towards their parents, and exposed himself to the public for who he truly is.  This brought him to the attention of a music promoter who was putting together a rock band whose gimmick was that all band members were teen super heroes.  Hawkins toured for a year with the band, until their fame faded and the band broke up.

Eventually, Hawkins would get Grandly to implant him into an adult body around the age of 26.  Hawkins went off on his own, trying to live a normal life while committing acts of heroism from time to time.  

Grandly's activities since 1988 are unknown.


Grandly was a supporting cast member in the "6 Year Old Robot" feature that ran for 10 issues in Super Comics from 1981 to 1982.  

Grandly appeared in Super Rock # 1 (as part of the premise for Hawkins joining the team).

He was mentioned a few times throughout the 12 issue run of Super Rock.

In Super Spotlight # 76, December 1988, Grandly appeared in flashbacks.  

He has not made any appearances since, nor has he been mentioned.

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