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Hell Child

Hell Child

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Amy (Last Name Unrevealed)

Current Occupation:  Agent of the New Power Organization

Parents:  Unnamed

Siblings:  Jill (Last Name Unrevealed)

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  Champions, Heroes of Earth, New Power Organization

Place of Birth:  Somewhere in the deep South

Current Place of Residence:  An undisclosed location

First Appearance:  Blackbirds # 6, July 1991


Amy was the oldest of two daughters living in the deep south.  When she was 14, she began to develop mental powers.  She was able to read minds, move objects with her mind, and even make people do her bidding.  Her parents thought she was a witch, and kicked her out, calling her a hell child.

Amy decided to head north, towards Orange City, where people with unique abilities were celebrated as heroes.  She instead ended up in Greenfield, where agents of Project: Franklin tried to abduct her because of her abilities and age, but she was rescued by the Blackbirds, a team of young heroes who were in constant conflict with Project: Franklin.

Amy was invited to join the team, and seeing the irony, chose the code name Hell Child to use for a heroic identity.

Amy's powers were rapidly growing stronger and stronger, and the power was corrupting her.  In fact, one evening, when only her and War Child, the team leader, were at headquarters, Amy used her powers to rape him.  Even though War Child was traumatized by the experience, he felt Amy could not be blamed for not being able to keep her powers in control, and they kept her on the team in order to help her.

A few months later, Amy's younger sister Jill showed up, having developed the same powers and also been kicked out of the house.  Jill took up the identity of Devil's Daughter.  Jill's powers weren't as strong as Amy's and thus did not cause the same problems.

In late 1992, it seemed that the team had been killed on Metor, but indeed they had survived and been captured by the Project, who had experimented on them.  The team escaped and based on advice from Powerman, changed their name to the Champions.

In 1995, a mutant named Adam used his powers to take over the Earth.  He mind controlled every metahuman on Earth to serve as his honor guard, the Heroes of Earth.  However, when the spell was broken, it was discovered that some metas, like Hell Child, were willingly serving Adam's cause, believing in a world where super beings ruled.  Hell Child was defeated along with Adam, and her powers were then stripped by Allorin Vonski, along with her memories of ever having powers.  In fact, the whole world forget, and because of this, Amy and Jill returned home, their parents having believe the children had just ran away for a few years and were so relieved to have their normal children back.

Thirteen years later, a spell cast by the New Power Organization restored the powers and memories of all super-villains, brought dead ones back to life, and upgrades all of their powers.  Amy had her powers back. She had her memories back.  She was even more powerful.  And she was more evil than ever.

First, she killed her parents and Jill.  Then she willingly served as one of two of the New Power's top agents (the other being Powerlord).  Hell Child was feared by heroes as she had no problems with killing, and liked to make sure it was going to hurt...physically and emotionally.

The New Power's scheme to reshape Earth as a world of evil failed, however, and Hell Child had to escape and go into hiding.  However, not long after, she was abducted along with several other villains and heroes and transported to an alternate dimension by the Protector.  They were to do battle for his amusement.

Hell Child killed the heroes Truth and Powergirl during this "secret war", and even killed her teammate Nicole Barstaman.  Nicole had very similar powers as Amy.  When Amy was mortally wounded, she absorbed Nicole's powers, her memories, and her life force into her, restoring her life and doubling her power.  The side effect was that now there are two separate beings residing in one body, though Amy remains dominant.

When the heroes and villains returned to Earth, Hell Child returned to service for the New Power, that had rebuilt itself in her absence.  She currently serves as one of the organization's number one agents.


This character is actually inspired by one of the nicest, most innocent girls I knew in high school, based on the premise of what those types of powers could do even to the best of people.

Though I never expected when I created this character as a member of the Blackbirds that I would one day maker her one of the most dangerous villains in the Wronskiverse.

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