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Allorin Vonski

Allorin Vonski
Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.
Based upon real historical figures, celebrities, and characters created by J.R.R Tolkein, John BroomeCarmine InfantinoSy Barry, J.K. Rowling, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Marv Wolfman, and George Perez.

Real Name:  Born with no name, he has taken to naming himself various names over time, and other times has accepted the names placed upon him.  In his life he has been known as God, I Am, Allorin Vonski, Gandolph, McKormack, Shron, Merlin, the Stranger, Albus Dumbledore, Matthew Allen, the Phantom Stranger, the Watcher, the Ancient One, and the Monitor.

Current Occupation:  Watcher of realities

Parents:  Was born in the big bang with no parents.  His adoptive parents were Dracula and Aphrodite.

Siblings:  The Great Unknown, Zeus, Evil (deceased), Morgoth, the Forbidden Planet (deceased)

Spouse:  None

Children:  The Protector

Group Affiliation:  Universal Protectors, Heroes of Earth

Place of Birth:  The center of the Universe, where Oa currently exists

Current Place of Residence:  A residence that exists outside of time and space but has portals to various places throughout time, space, and dimension.  

First Appearance:  The real being is technically older than time, if that makes sense.  The character's first appearance in fiction is the Bible.  
First Super Comics Appearance;  Vonski Presents # 1 (September 1983)


At the dawn of time, six cosmic being were born...three of good, three of evil.

The good and evil immediately formed into the Universal Protectors and Universal Destroyers and began a battle.  However, they were at a stalemate and all went their separate ways.  

During the war, a device had been created by the Destroyers called the Universal Transponder, a device so powerful it could destroy the universe, but it was captured by the Protectors.

After billions of years, one of the Universal Protectors, who would one day be called Allorin Vonski, settled on Earth, in Africa.  He helped create a paradise and invited humans to live there.  He also used this as a place to hide the Universal Transponder.  

When Vonski's evil brother Evil came in the form of a snake and tricked two of the humans, Adam and Eve, into helping him steal the Transponder.  Vonski was able to stop this from happening, but he was so upset he banished the humans from his paradise, moved the paradise across the world to where Orange City, Massachusetts currently exists, and changed his paradise into the Forbidden Forest.  

The Forest became an enchanted place that was a portal to various places in time, space and dimension, and a place that magic still existed even after it left most of the world.

This all happened around 52,000 BC.  Two thousand years later, Vonski's anger with humanity and the influence of his brother Evil had gotten to the point that he punished the Earth by creating a global flood.  

A thousand years later, Vonski was much more attached to humanity again, and the other creatures of Earth, especially the Elves and Hobbits.  At this time, around 49,000 BC, another of the evil brothers, Morgoth, had found Earth and was attempting to conquer it.  Vonski was known as a wizard at the time, and posed under three different personas.  Using these three identities, he helped man, elves, hobbits, and dwarves fight against Morgoth.  As Gandolph, he was part of the fellowship that was to bring a magical powerful ring to Mordor to be destroyed.  He was thought killed, but actually grew more powerful.  He then helped build the armies of man.  Meanwhile, he posed as McCormack, where he chose one boy to go on his own mission to Mordor.  He found this Bobbie, a librarian, and gave him the Sword of Power, a mystical sword of his own creation, to accomplish his quest.  Later, he would reappear to Bobbie, after his death and rebirth, as Shron.

After Morgoth was defeated, Vonski took the Elves, and hobbit Bilbo Baggins and brought them to the Forbidden Forest.

About 47,000 BC, Allorin Vonski first uses this name, as he becomes a scientist and sorcerer in Atlantis.

After that, Vonski stepped back and chose not to interfere, until around 1260 BC, when another of Vonski's brothers, this time a good one, came to Earth.  Unlike Vonski who had taken a human form, his brother had not taken a corporeal form.  This is the being we now call the Great Unknown.

The Great Unknown had taken an interest in human affairs.  While Vonski had taken the role of advisor and watcher, the Great Unknown felt the need to look for and create champions amongst the mortals to fight for good.  In this case, he looked at the situation of Egypt, of the oppressive evil ruler, and the people who were his slaves.  At first, Vonski chooses not to get involved, as this is human against human.  However, the Great Unknown felt that humanity needed a push, if the right one is chosen to push.

The Great Unknown chose a Jewish slave adopted as Egyptian royalty named Moses as his first ever Champion of Earth.  He drew the man to Mount Sinai, where he appeared as a flame and identified himself as "I am."  He told him it was his destiny and endowed the man with mystical abilities and guided him in his mission to free his people, even giving him a mystical staff.

It was only after Moses had freed his people that Vonski stepped in.  He saw that the Great Unknown's method worked, and wanted to help guide humanity, and gave to Moses ten commandments for which his people should follow.

The next recorded interaction with humanity for Vonski was in the 6th century in England.  A young boy named Arthur came across Vonski's Sword of Power, now called Excalibur, lodged in a stone.  Vonski had trapped it there, in his own attempt to find a chosen one.  Whoever pulled the sword out was to be Vonski's chosen one, and this young Arthur did so.

Vonski took the name Merlin to guide Arthur in his destiny of becoming king of Camelot.  

Next, during the 19th century, Vonski chose to become closer to humanity and joined the southern army during the American Civil War.  Following the war, he spent the next 35 years roaming the American Southwest as a gunfighting hero called the Stranger.

In the 1930s, in his attempt to better understand humanity, Vonski chose to turn himself into a baby, and age at a normal rate.  He chose Dracula and Aphrodite to raise him, so that he can learn of love and evil.  During that time, he is renamed Matthew Allen.  When he reaches adulthood, he regains his powers, and creates a business that will make him a billionaire.  Additionally, feeling bad for not being around during World War II, he takes on the identity of the Phantom Stranger.

In the 1960s, under his other identity as Albus Dumbledore, he takes over as headmaster of Hogwarts School for Magic.  His Forbidden Forest also connects to Hogwarts in England.  That same decade, the Fantastic Four learn of his existence as the Watcher, and as the Ancient One, Vonski trains Doctor Stephen Strange in the mystic arts.

In the late 1960s, the three Universal Protectors sensed their evil brothers were coming together, a time of crisis was impending.  Each decided to choose their own champion, and three sisters were to become the mothers of those champions.

One of those sisters was Colleen Hasser, who had married Shon Crest, the super-hero called the Speedster.  Colleen was pregnant with his child.  The Speedster was killed in battle with a foe, and Colleen then gave birth to his child, though she died in the process.  The child, also named Shon Crest, absorbed the memories of his father, though they would come to him slowly over time.

Vonski took Crest in and raised him as his son and trained him to master his super-speed and also to master mystic arts.

In the 1970s, Vonski has a relationship that produces a child, though Vonski did not stay in the child's life.  In fact, shortly after birth, the child was abducted by Darkseid's minions to be raised on Apokolips by Granny Goodness.  Darkseid figures the child of a cosmic being will be worth having.  Vonski learns of this, but does nothing.

In the early 1980s, Morgoth returned and attacked Earth.  Coincidentally, young Shon, now 18, had left home to make it on his own.  He fulfilled his destiny by becoming the heroic Speedy, joining with his cousins Powerkid and Zap as the Super-Trio.

Seeing this as the time of Crisis, Vonski began monitoring all heroes and villains and keeping files on all of them.  He began recording adventures of heroic stories.  And then, he decided to create a team of heroes from an alternate universe that Vonski labeled Earth-5.  He called them the Heroes of Earth.

The Heroes of Earth teamed up with the Powerkid Police to stop Morgoth from stealing the Universal Transponder again, during a greater Crisis on Infinite Earths.  The larger crisis involved a being from the Anti-Matter Universe who tried to destroy the positive matter universes.   Vonski and his teams joined with heroes from other universes to save reality.

Following the Crisis, his Heroes of Earth disbanded, but Vonski gathered together a new team of Heroes of Earth again to oppose Morgoth.  This one would become permanent, even setting up headquarters in Allen International (Vonki's billion dollar company) headquarters in Hadenville, OH.

In 1991, Vonski was able to expand the role of his team, establishing a relationship with the United Nations.  This was in response to the troubles affecting at the time the Justice League International.  Embassies were set up world wide, with the main headquarters moved to Canberra, Australia.  Taking a page from the All-Star Squadron of the 1940s, every hero on Earth was accepted as a member, thus truly becoming the Heroes of Earth.

Around this time, Vonski's biological son learned he had the power of teleportation and used it to escape from Apokolips.  He teleported onto the kitchen table of Joel and Mei-Lei Kent in Smallville, Kansas.  The Kents happened to be the parents of current Superman Sam Kent, and they called him up.  Superman ended up taking the lad to Metropolis where he became a father figure for the boy he renamed Bob Kent.

Eventually, Vonski and his son would meet, and Vonski would truthfully say that he had not cared about his son's fate.  Bob Kent, who had taken the hero name the Tele-Kid, felt rejected by his father, and by the heroic community, as neither the Justice League nor the Teen Titans had let him join them.  He left the universe for other realities.  When he returned he had only been gone a month, but for him it had been centuries.  He now called himself the Protector, and created his own super team called the Blackbirds.

Vonski continued to be the go to guy when the world or all reality was threatened.  However, he chose to let humanity usually fight for themselves and only assisted in guiding and pushing heroes in the right direction, and only fighting himself when the threat was something on his level.

That is why, in 1995, Allorin Vonski allowed Adam, a mutant, to take over the Earth.  (Also, Adam's powers included the ability to ward off and be immune to magic.)  But once the heroes had stopped him (three years later), Vonski only then stepped in under Powerman's request.  

Powerman felt the world would be better without super-heroes, and thus Allorin, who agreed, created a spell on a global scale that would remove all super-powers from all meta-humans, and erase the existence of super-heroes and super-villains from everyone's memories, except for a select few.

However, this spell was broken in 2007 when Powerman killed President Bush.  This brought back everyone's memories, and thus the powers.  Powerman had been one of the few spared, and had been in retirement and away.  But he returned and went crazy and evil.  Vonski stepped in when he felt his spell was gone, and soon discovered that Morgoth had possessed Powerman.  Vonski battled Morgoth to free Powerman.  

Recently, it's been revealed that Vonski is the Monitor of Earth-20 (which is the Wronskiverse aka Earth-B, renumbered after Infinite Crisis).

Vonski has recently had to create a spell that took the combined efforts of him, and his good brothers.  He revived all dead heroes, and enhanced everyone's powers.  This was in reaction to a similar spell created by their evil brothers.

Vonski recently faked his death at Hogwarts, and continues to run his corporation and lead a new version of the Heroes of Earth.


When I created Allorin Vonski in 1983, he was just "Vonki".  He was just an anthology host for a horror anthology series.  He hosted stories featuring Vampire Man and the Creature Commandos.  In the Vonski segments, there were references and appearances showing that his parents were Dracula and Venus.

In 1984, I wanted to do my own "Crisis on Two Earths" story.  I already had the Powerkid Police of Earth-B as my version of the Justice League, so I just needed the other team.  I decided to create Earth-5, a world where heroes were all unpowered vigilantes or magic heroes.  This team was the Heroes of Earth, and Vonski was it's leader.  This was the first time we saw Vonski actually using real powers, rather than the tiny tricks he performed in his own series.  

During 1985's The Crisis Within, Vonski was shown to be the Earth-B version of the Monitor featured in Crisis on Infinite Earths.  We learn then that Vonski Presents, Super Files, and History of the Super Universe are all part of Vonski's keeping files on everyone and everything.  

In writing History of the Super Universe in 1985, I revealed the relationships of the Univeral Protectors and their origin, and how they were related to the Super-Trio.  When I created Speedy, I did not reveal (or even know) of his connection to Vonski.  Additionally, History revealed that Vonski was involved in Lord of the Rings.  When I created McCormack (who debuted the same month as Vonski) I hadn't planned on them being the same person, but it just turned out that way.

In 1986, Vonski became one of those go-to characters for time-space problems.  But once the Heroes of Earth was established, he was a regular on that series as leader up until 1992.

Then from 1993 to 1995, he went back to being a minor character who played a major role.  Then in 1995, he vanished.  In 1998, he showed up for the last issue of Timeline, then disappeared into obscurity until 2007, when I began my slow relaunch of Super Comics.  Vonski showed up for the return of Powerman/debut of Powerkid, and then went away again, until Crisis.  Now he is a regular member of the Heroes of Earth.

On the characters that I've merged him with.  The biblical/God stuff I came up with in 1991 - 1992 in Vonski Presents and Powerman.  The Harry Potter reference is a recent reveal in Heroes of Earth.  Merlin was mentioned in History of the Super Universe.  The Phantom Stranger role was mentioned again in 1991 - 1992.  His being the Watcher and Ancient One were revealed during Crisis.

About Vonski's personality.  Vonski is a lot like House.  He's a brilliant man who cares about humanity, and has amazing god-like powers.  In fact, he is one of two people who are worshiped as God.  He is very singular in purpose.  He feels that if something needs to be done, then he will do it, and he feels he shouldn't have to explain his actions.  He's very cold.  He's arrogant and rude.  And yet, he would sacrifice himself to save others if need be.

Note that Vonki's history doesn't sync with real history, nor does the biblical references truly match up with the bible, and his conflations with other characters don't work in their canon.  The Wronskiverse is not the real universe, or the main reality of characters like Dumbledore, so it doesn't matter.

Vonski's role in the TVCU is soon to diminish, but he will return, as a major player in the Wronskiverse in the future.

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