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Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Adam (Last Name Never Revealed)

Current Occupation:  Deceased; former ruler of Earth

Parents:  Unnamed

Siblings:  Timeline (real name unrevealed)

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Somewhere in America

Place of Death:  A satellite orbiting Earth

First Appearance:  Timeline # 1 (September 1998)


Adam and his brother were twins (not identical) born into a typical American household.  It wasn't long before the household was no longer ordinary.  From a very early age Adam begin to exhibit abilities.  At 2 he was telekinetic.  By 4 he was reading minds, and shortly after that he was beginning to be able to control minds.  Meanwhile his brother exhibited no powers, and was often Adam's victim.

His parents grew scared and sent Adam away to a government agency called Project:  Franklin.  The Project tried to turn Adam into a weapon.  They kept him locked away, conducted tests on him, sometimes painful.  All this time, a psychic connection remained between the brothers.  And the normal one knew his brother was evil, and he was afraid.

In 1995, Powerman left Earth after the woman he loved had left him.  He left his sister, Powerkid, in charge of protecting Earth as its champion.  A few months later, Adam, now 21, broke free of his prison, killing many in the process.  He used his powers to within weeks become ruler of Earth, establishing a new order where mutants and meta-humans were a higher class of society than normal people.  Additionally, he banished all aliens from Earth.  With his amazing powers at this point, he had the power to dominate everyone on the planet.  Even magic users were powerless against him.

Adam reorganized the Heroes of Earth as his private army.  He admitted the former Misfits as his personal task force.  And he placed Powerkid and Zap as his personal guards.

Some of these heroes served willingly, but most were victims of mind control.

During his reign, NighTrain led a team of underground freedom fighters who tried in vain to liberate Earth.  However, Adam stayed in power for three years.

In 1998, Powerkid was finally able to gather enough will power to send a mental summons to her brother, who was now living on the planet Hanguk.  Powerman immediately headed back to Earth with some new friends and his new bride.  It took a few weeks, but Powerman soon found himself on Earth faced with a double threat.

First, he had to rally the Heroes of Earth and NighTrain's team to join forces, both to overthrow Adam and take on another threat.  You see, when Adam rose to power, his brother felt he had to stop him.  He found a means of gaining the power to travel through time of his own will in order to accomplish a specific plan.  Calling himself Timeline, he felt that in order to prevent Adam's rise, he needed to create a world without meta-humans and mutants by travelling back and killing them before they got their powers.

Powerman was able to convince Adam to release the heroes from his control so they could help stop his brother.  After all, if Timeline wasn't stopped, Adam was doomed as well.  Powerman eventually defeated Timeline, but the only way to stop him was to kill him, and he did so, back in November of 1979, and moments later, off in the distance, he witnessed himself, at age 6, being struck by a meteorite that would change his world forever.

With the heroes free, they returned to the present.  And that is when it was learned not all that served Adam had been under mind control.  A battle was fought, but Powerman's will, with the power of the Great Unknown, was enough to destroy Adam, literally killing him by blowing up his brain.

Following the aftermath, Powerman reflected that in some ways Timeline was correct.  Powerman had been to the future often, and after the next century, there are no meta-humans, and Earth has entered an era where it is part of an interstellar community.

The heroes agree that a world without meta-humans and vigilantes would be for the best.  Knowing not all would agree, Allorin Vonski created a massive spell that took away all super-powers, and erased from the minds of all Earth inhabitants of any memories of super-heroes.  Only some were spared, who chose to leave Earth to explore space.

Of course, those heroes returned a few years later, and when Powerman, under the control of Doctor Deadly killed President Bush, everyone's memories returned, but not the powers.

Only recently, during an event only known as the Crisis, has almost every hero and villain had their powers restored, and upgraded, and even the dead ones were brought back.

However, the New Power, who were resurrecting villains, knew not to bring Adam back.  Adam's power had kept the New Power at bay before, and they weren't going to take that risk.


Adam was created for a four issue mini-series called Timeline.  In 1995, I was done with Super Comics, and cancelled all titles.  I left the universe with Powerman leaving Earth and Powerkid becoming the new Champion of Earth.  Powerman's final storyline regarded him learning some secrets from his past and where he truly came from.

Three years later, my creative juices returned and so I wrote Timeline.  Timeline was meant to show the consequences of what happens when Powerman abandons his duty.  Timeline was meant to show how power corrupts even our heroes.  Timeline was meant to be fun, with time travel back to different origin stories, from a different perspective.  And Timeline was meant to give Super Comics a better ending, setting the stage for all the future era stories such as Ticon Force, Star Trek:  Azrael, Captain Zippy, Star Patrol, and New Earth.

Of course, I did not end things there.  I soon continued with those who left Earth, and their explorations, and eventually brought back the entire Super Universe.

Adam will be returning within the next few years, though differently than he had appeared in the past.  Stayed tuned to Powerman in 2014.

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