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Crisis was a 12 issue mini-series that ran from May 2008 to April 2009.  It had crossovers in every Super Comics title of the time period.

The New Power Organization returned with a plan to destroy all reality (the entire multiverse) and replace it with a one shaped in evil.  To do this, they needed both the Universal Transponder and the Sword of Power, and planned on increasing their chances by going into the past and the future to steal it over and over at different points.

For such a grand plan, they needed an army of villains.  This was, however, a time when most super-villains were either dead, or had been stripped of their power and their memories.  Morgoth and Satan worked with Kane on such a powerful spell that they restored the memories and powers of all living villains, and raised many of the major villains of the past 30 years back from the dead.  Then to top it off, they gifted each villain with a power upgrade, making each one more powerful than ever.

When Allorin Vonski, the Great Unknown, and Zeus learned of this, they quickly did the same thing for heroes.  They raised deceased super-heroes, and brought back retired and depowered heroes.

Then the race was on, and heroes and villains traveled to various times in the past, present, and future to obtain their prize or save it.

This series during this portion of the story ended up featuring every Super Comics character ever created.  But it didn't end there.

One such important mission needs to be mentioned, because it's impact on the mythology of the Wronskiverse.  We had learned in 1985's History of the Super Universe that at the end of time, Powerkid would fight Doctor Deadly, and the battle would destroy the universe.

Then in the series New Earth, published in 1994 and taking place in 3182, Powerman and Dr. Deadly have that battle, and are about to do the deed, when the cosmic being Barsto travels to that point to absorb the energy of the two, pursued from 1994 by Allorin Vonski.  The interference caused the four to merge into the being called Continuity.  This did end the universe.  Eventually, Continuity is killed due to the sacrifice of NighTrain, but Vonski is able to separate himself, as revealed later.

Well, in Crisis, the New Power sends a team to the future to steal the power emitted during the event to fuel the machine they are creating.  The team sent is Voltrus, Hellchild, Man-Killer, Spearon, Lightning Master, Powerlord, Dikrewop, and Nicole Barstaman.  But just as they arrive in the future, they are followed by Powerman, Powerkid, Powergirl, Zap, Zap Mom, Girl Zap, Zappette, and Krazel.  The heroes overcome the villains, but their presence interferes with predestined events, so that the universe does not end.  The universe continues to live on beyond 3182.

The bad guys do manage to get the sword and universal transponder.  The villains move their operation off the Earthly plane and into Hell.  Soon the universe and multiverse start to feel the effects of the end, and Allorin Vonski reaches out to heroes of other worlds, including Earth-0 (the DC Universe), Earth-616 (the Marvel Universe), Earth-26 (the world of Captain Carrot, Animal Town, and Mighty Mouse), Earth-818793 (the Wold Newton Universe), Earth-5 (the world of Power Woman), Kearth-K (where Powerman is evil), Earth-B2 (Powerman operated during World War II), Earth-Z (where only characters created by Phil Sheridan exist), and Earth-Prime (home of Super Comics creator Robert E. Wronski, Jr.)

The final battle was in Hell.  The Machine was destroyed, the transponder was recovered.  Powerlord maintained the Sword.  Morgoth was freed from occupying the body of the scientist Uglon for the first time in centuies.  And Satan was killed, which caused the destruction of Hell.  All heroes and villains managed to flee from Hell thanks to Vonski, the Great Unknown and Zeus.  Because Hell was destroyed, the souls trapped there returned to Earth as ghosts, and all demons became homeless and have now taken to spending all their time on Earth now.

Following Crisis, with the return of many heroes and villains, many new titles were started or returned, including National Heroes, Heroes of Earth, Forgotten Ones, and Bad Guys.

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