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Based on a real historical figure

Real Name:  Abraham

Occupation:  Shepard

Parents:  his fathers name was teran, mother was not mentioned in the bible.

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Siblings:  no

Spouse:  Sarah, but her original name was Sarai (Genesis 17:15).

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Children:  Isaac and Ishmael

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Israel

Place of Death:  Israel

First Appearance:  The Bible


Abraham was a religious zealot who lived c. 52,000 B.C.  He heard voices, due to schizophrenia.  He tried to kill his son under the instructions of God, until Ollu and Buzsla came and stopped him.  Later, he invented circumcision and performed this on all the people of his village.  Abraham hated Sodom, and forbid the people of his village from going there, but the teens of the village, including his son, often went there secretly.


The information here comes from the movie Year One, with the main characters being revealed to be Dennis E. Power's Ollu and Buzsla.  

Note that I've been covering a lot of my versions of biblical events in recent posts, but that isn't the theme of the Wronskiverse.  It is an important elements, though.  I guess I'm just getting it all out of my system early on.

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