Thursday, April 14, 2011

Captain Ruff

Captain Ruff

Created by Sheldon Moldoff

Real Name:  Captain Nigel Horatio Ruff

Current Occupation:  Villainous Ghost

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  New Power Organization, League of Obscure Villains

Place of Birth:  England

Current Place of Residence:  New York City

First Appearance:  Action Comics # 23 (April 1940) [not reprinted]


In the year 1800, Captain Ruff was one of the first foes of the Black Pirate.  After a series of encounters involving treasure, the Black Pirate forces Captain Ruff and his crew out of their burning ship and into the ocean where they are eaten by sharks.

During the event called Crisis, the New Power Organization resurrected Captain Ruff and his crew in ghostly form.  Ruff decided the move to New York City because he heard good things about it.  Also, he heard his old foe was haunting Opal City after being wrongfully hanged, and he felt no need to head in that direction for an encounter.

Recently Captain Ruff's haunting of a fast food seafood restaurant with a pirate theme gained the attention of a group of heroic vampires and other paranormals that loosely work together.  They managed to chase Ruff away, but as he left, he heeded a warning to beware the wraith of the League of Obscure Villains.


Captain Ruff appeared in the first story arc of the Black Pirate, in Action Comics # 23 - 25, dated April - June 1940.

Then I decided to bring him back in my major event called Crisis in 2006.

Then just this month he appeared in Dark Tales # 220.

Why use such an obscure character?  Why not?

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