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The Black Pirate

The Black Pirate

Created by Sheldon Moldoff

Real Name:  Jon Valor

Current Occupation:  Deceased, former freedom fighter

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  Donna Bonita (deceased)

Children:  Justin Valor (deceased)

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  England

Place of Death:  England

First Appearance:  Action Comics # 23 (April 1940) [has never been reprinted]


In the latter half of the 16th century, politcal forces plunged much of Europe into war. Responding to a personal need to see justice done. British nobleman, Jon Valor assembled a loyal crew of freedom fighters and set sail under a buccaneer flag, donning the colorful costume of the Black Pirate.

At war’s end, Jon Valor was at last captured by the Spanish and sentenced to death. This sentence was commuted when King Philip of Spain discovered that Valor had been secretly wed the night before his execution to the King’s own ward, Donna Bonita. In return for his freedom, Valor agreed to serve the Spanish flag so long as it also served the cause of justice.

In time, Valor and his wife had a son named Justin, who, when he came of age, set sail with his father on his adventures. When their situation in Spain at last became untenable, Valor fled the country with his family and crew, returning to England, where he continued his career as the Black Pirate.

When Justin, now a young man, was wounded and seemingly lost at sea while fighting at his father’s side, a heart-broken Valor revealed his true identity to English King Charles, and put away the Black Pirate’s cowl, he thought, forever.

Five years later, Jon Valor was summoned before his King, who requested the aid of the Black Pirate to stop a mysterious new band of pirates who were raiding British vessels. At length, Valor discovered that his own son, now a Puritan, was the leader of the pirates, raiding British ships in order to fund the Puritans’ journey to America.

Making peace with his son Valor watched as Justin set sail for America and a new life, the Valor himself returned to England to live out the rest of his days in peace.


I never really used the Black Pirate ever, but he is in because of my ruling that all comics published up to the end of WWII are in the Wronskiverse and all DC Comics published from November 1986 to December 1992.  So these are the Black Pirate stories that are considered to be part of the Wronskiverse:

Action Comics #23 April 1940
(Dead Men Tell No Tales)
Action Comics #24 May 1940
(Escape from the Island)
Action Comics #25 June 1940
(Captured by Captain Ruff)
Action Comics #26 July 1940
Action Comics #27 August 1940
(Fight to the Finish)
Action Comics #28 September 1940
(The Chase)
Action Comics #29 October 1940
"The Red Raiders"
Action Comics #30 November 1940
(The Attack)
Action Comics #31 December 1940
(Escape from the Mine)
Action Comics #32 January 1941
(Single Combat)
Action Comics #33 February 1941
(The Capture of the Queen of the Seas)
Action Comics #34 March 1941
(Trapped on the Junk)
Action Comics #35 April 1941
(Fire on Board)
Action Comics #36 May 1941
(Return to Spain)
Action Comics #38 July 1941
(Don De Avila)
Action Comics #39 August 1941
(Escape from the Palace)
Action Comics #40 September 1941
(The Death of Avila)
Action Comics #41 October 1941
(The Albino Priestess)
Action Comics #42 November 1941
(The Ship Spies)
Sensation Comics #1 January 1942
(The Marriage of Jon Valor)
Sensation Comics #2 February 1942
"The Sword of Hate"
Sensation Comics #3 March 1942
(The Schemes of Juan Marche)
Sensation Comics #4 April 1942
(The Man in the Iron Mask)
Sensation Comics #5 May 1942
(The Treason of Don Diablo)
Sensation Comics #6 June 1942
(The Son of the Black Pirate)
Sensation Comics #7 July 1942
(The Slaves of Governor Lopez)
Sensation Comics #8 August 1942
"Spanish Armada"
Sensation Comics #9 September 1942
(The Kidnapping of the King's Son)
Sensation Comics #10 October 1942
(To Save the King of France)
Sensation Comics #11 November 1942
(The Peasants' Tax Rebellion)
Sensation Comics #12 December 1942
(The Lost Colony of Virginia)
Sensation Comics #13 January 1943
(No Title)
Sensation Comics #14 February 1943
Comic Cavalcade #1 Winter 1942
"The Scourge of the Seas"
Sensation Comics #15 March 1943
(Captured by Flint)
Sensation Comics #16 April 1943
"The Pirate's Rebellion"
Sensation Comics #17 May 1943
"The Return of the Black Pirate"
Comic Cavalcade #2 Spring 1943
"They Wind Up in the Doghouse"
Sensation Comics #18 June 1943
"The Man Who Hated London"
Sensation Comics #19 July 1943
(The Overthrow of Sir Rudolph)
Sensation Comics #20 August 1943
"Poseidon's Ring"
Sensation Comics #21 September 1943
"The Medicine of Mibongi"
Sensation Comics #22 October 1943
"The Last Curtain"
Sensation Comics #23 November 1943
(No Title)
Sensation Comics #24 December 1943
"The Cruise of the Flying Dutchman"
Sensation Comics #25 January 1944
"The Man Who Stole the Crown Jewel"
Sensation Comics #26 February 1944
"The Sword of Ghengis Khan"
Sensation Comics #27 March 1944
"The Pearl of Lin Yu"
Sensation Comics #28 April 1944
"A Decoy to Doom"
Sensation Comics #29 May 1944
"The Ship of Doomed Souls"
Sensation Comics #30 June 1944
"The Guardian Light"
Sensation Comics #31 July 1944
"Land of the Little People"
Comic Cavalcade #7 Summer 1944
"A Ring for a King"
Sensation Comics #41 May 1945
"King of All-Fools' Day"
Sensation Comics #42 June 1945
"The Devil's Apprentice"

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