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Created by J.R.R. Tolkein; Super Comics version by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Not Applicable

Aliases:  Morgoth Bauglir, Melkor, Doctor Deadly, Uglon, Uglon the Deadly

Current Occupation:  Would be world conqueror

Parents:  None

Siblings:  The Great Unknown, Allorin Vonski, Zeus, Satan (deceased), the Forbidden Planet (deceased)

Spouse:  Mala, Teela (ex-wives)

Children:  Voltrus, Pugli, Jon Zan

Group Affiliation:  New Power Organization, Powerkid Haters, 7 Deadly Sins

Place of Birth:  The Center of the Universe

Current Place of Residence:  Unknown

First Appearance:  The Fellowship of the Ring, 1954; Super Comics version in Powerkid # 3, November 1982


At the dawn of time, six beings were born, three good and three evil.  One of those evil beings eventually found Earth, and was considered a wizard by its denizens.  He realized with his powers he could rule this world, and attempted to do so, but was undone by a fellowship of warriors, some unlikely hobbits, a Champion of Earth who wielded the Sword of Power, and one of his own brothers.

The dark one found himself banished to a dark dimension, where he was trapped.  He did manage to escape briefly in the 6th century, but was sent back by that era's champion and a time travelling future era champion.

In the 18th century, a scientist on a world whose original name is now lost accidentally opened a rift into the Dark Dimension.  The weakened demon came through, and possessed the scientist, Uglon.  The villain renamed himself Uglon the Deadly, and quickly conquered this world, which got redubbled Death Planet.

Uglon began to then focus on recapturing Earth, both for revenge, and because he knew that Earth was a mystical nexus which meant ultimate power.

Uglon, as a now world leader, began creating alliances with other worlds.  Also, because on Earth he was considered an "Elder God" by some, he used this to his advantage to unite with his brother, known on Earth as Satan among other names, and create a cult that worshiped them called the New Power Organization, which was both a religious group and a terrorist organization.

Uglon had two wives.  One, Mala, was his wife before the possession.  With her he fathered Voltrus and Pugli, and then banished her to the Dark Dimension.  He then took another wife, Teela, with whom he fathered Jon Zan.

In 1982, Uglon decided it was time to take back Earth, but found himself defeated by three new heroes:  Powerkid, Zap, and Speedy.  The press, having hear him announce himself as Uglon the Deadly, dubbed him Doctor Deadly, a name that stuck, and which for a time the villain even embraced.

Uglon saw that since the champion of this year had allies, he too needed allies.  His main allies for several years was Powerkid's other great foe, Karate Spears.  But Uglon also created alliances with his past incarnation from ancient past and his 31st century future counterpart.  He also created two separate organizations of Powerkid's (and later Powerman's) greatest foes, and created an alliance of alien races who had a common interest in Earth.

Uglon has fought Powerkid/Powerman and other Earth heroes time and again. His one goal is to destroy Powerman out of revenge and to get him out of the way for his ultimate goal of destroying the universe and reshaping it in his image.

Recently, he was separated from Uglon, and has returned to his ancient name of Morgoth.  His current whereabouts are unknown.

He is destined to combat Powerman in which their combined energies will freeze them both in suspended animation until the 31nd century.


I created the character a year before reading Lord of the Rings.  His character and appearance was an amalgamation of such characters as Doctor Doom, Darkseid, and Darth Vader.  Later, after reading Tolkein, I incorporated his being Morgoth into his history.

In the early 1980s, he was a frequent foe of Powerkid and the Space Patrol (in the 31st century), and in the Lord of the Chain (occurring concurrent with Lord of the Rings).

In almost every multipart cosmic crisis storyline Super Comics has published, Deadly had been the central villain.  In History of the Super Universe, a prophesy was revealed that at the end of time, Powerkid and Doctor Deadly would do battle for the last time.  I've teased by showing battles that seemed to be that battle, but weren't, and I did indeed finally show that battle in the 32nd century in the Continuity storyline, but in Crisis, I actually undid the prophesy via interference by time travelers.

Almost every title at some point has had some sot of connection to this character, who is probably the central villain of the whole of the Wronskiverse.

And new he's hiding..  And though he isn't to be part of the next upcoming major storyline directly, his absence will be explained.  And after that, some cool changes planned for the character.

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