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Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

First Appearance:  NighTforce # 1, January 2008



Dennis Holman

Julie Sasso

Gerry Powers

Paula Sherman/Zap Mom

Joey Powers

Powerman/Jonathon Stanford

Kelly O'Connell


Frankie McKenzie

The Fallen

Jen Holman

Sam Donnelly

Zap, Master of Power


When former vigilante Phil Sherman learned the New Power, one of the most dangerous groups of villainy, has reformed, he recruited a team of experts in crime fighting and the occult to combat the threat.  He called this new team NighTforce.

As NighTrain, Phil led the team, that was headquartered in a facility located beneath a store owned by Sherman.

The team was funded by billionaires Michael Bossman and Dennis Holman, who ironically both turned out to be high ranking members of the New Power.

After this revelation, the team's funding was provided by Michelle Wrigley, who had legally obtained Bossman's company after his evil was revealed, and Jen Holman, Dennis Holman's sister.

When it appeared the New Power was defeated, the team redirected it's efforts to catching demons that had been set free upon Earth.  But when it was revealed that the New Power was still active, the team split its efforts to both missions.

Eventually, Phil Sherman stepped down as leader to devote more time to family, and Gerry Power, an ex-cop who was a founding member of the team, took over as leader.


NighTforce was a series that debuted as part of my recent Super Comics resurrection.  The team is inspired by a real life paranormal investigation team that I belonged to, but there was no evil terrorist cults or demon hunting involved in the true exploits.

The series is still ongoing, though is slated for cancellation in May 2012 as the world as we know it comes to an end.

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