Thursday, January 5, 2012

Animal Town

Animal Town

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.


Once there was a single reality, but at the dawn of time, that reality split into an infinite number of alternate realities.  On each of these realities, events happened differently.  On one such Earth, designated Earth-C, the world was home to anthropomorphic animals.

On Earth-C, Orange City doesn't exist, but in it's place is Animal Town.  Animal Town is part of the United Species of America.  The town has a mayor, Mickey Mouse, but also has a royal family, consisting of King Friday and his adopted daughter Princess Rabbit.

Mickey Mouse is a member of the Green Bowtie Corps, an intergalactic police force.

Princess Rabbit is a witch, whose magic comes from her ears.  Princess Rabbit dates Brown Bear, who always solves whatever type of crisis strikes in the town, which happens at least once a month.

Professor Tornado Dog is the town's sole scientist who through an accident gained the power to become a canine twister.  His adopted son, Ruffy Ruff Ruff also fell into a vat of chemicals that gave him the power to move at super speed and fly.

Later, Pac Man, heroic ghost fighter, moved to Animal Town.

Animal Town is frequently plagued by a giant serial killer named Candy.

Animal Town has had frequent visitors from parallel worlds.  When they were children, Robert Wronski and Darcey Kilian often found themselves transported to Animal Town.  Additionally, Powerman, during his years as Powerkid and Super-Bob, used to frequently visit the town.

In later years, the town was visited by Powerdog and Zap Dog, and in very recent years, by Powerkid (Connor Kowalski).

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it seemed as if the reality may have been destroyed, but it was revealed to still exist as part of hypertime, and following Infinite Crisis, was redesignated as Earth-26.


Animal Town is based upon the stuffed animals I owned as a child.  Sort of my Winnie the Pooh.

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