Sunday, June 5, 2011

Impossible Missions Force

Impossible Missions Force

Created by Bruce Gellar


Dan Briggs

Jim Phelps

Cinnamon Carter

Barnard "Barney" Collier

William "Willy" Armitage

Rollin Hand

Grant Collier

"The Great Paris"

Dr. Doug Robert


Dana Lambert


Mimi Davis

Jim Wright

 Ethan Hunt

Claire Phelps

Sarah Davies

Jack Harmon

Luther Stickell

Franz Krieger

Billy Baird

Sean Ambrose

Benji Dunn

Declan Gormley

Zhen Lei

Lindsey Farris

First Appearance:  Mission Impossible Episode "Pilot", September 17, 1966


The U.S. government has a lot of different agencies, so many so that they don't even know about each other, nor does even the president know about all of them.

One such agency is the Impossible Missions Force, later changed to the Impossible Mission Force.  

Jim Wright has claimed to have worked for this agency before working for the International Missions Bureau.


Jim Wright's comment in the Man Who Stole Brains brings this show and film series into the Wronskiverse.  One bad guy says mistakenly says that Wright works for the IMF, and Jim relies that it's the IMB.  He doesn't work for those other guys anymore.  No other agents from the series have ever actually appeared in a Super Comics story.  This little conversation exchange is the only presence Mission Impossible has had in the Wronskiverse.

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