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Jim Wright

Jim Wright

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  James Perfect "Jimmy" Wright

Current Occupation:  Government Agent

Parents:  Unnamed

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  Impossible Missions Force, International Missions Bureau, National Heroes

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Current Place of Residence:  Washington D.C.

First Appearance:  The Man Who Stole Brains # 1, September 1987


Little is known about the early life and background of Jim Wright.  What we do know was that in 1987, he was already established as one of the greatest secret agents in the world, and a thorn to enemies of America all over the world.  In 1987, he was working for the U.S. Government's International Missions Bureau, though he has stated he once worked for the Impossible Missions Force.

Jim went on special solo missions on operations that the government could deny knowledge of.  In his first story arc, he was first seen running from the Wronskovian Army, then later having to rescue a captured scientist and his daughter.

In 1992, Jim was on a mission in Iran with the mercenary known as the Scorpion.  The two had a romantic interlude during the mission (not something new for Jim on a mission.)  Later, they were captured, and both were executed by firing squad.

Three years later, when the mutant named Adam conquered the world, a resistance army was formed, and Jim Wright was part of the army.  Jim never revealed how he survived being shot to death.

In 2009, Jim resurfaced, now working for the government agency called the National Heroes, whose primary mission was to fight the New Power Organization.  He still serves in this position today.


James Wright would have been my sister's name if she had been a boy.  That is where I got the name from.  I should note that in my own life, I've suffered from time to time from a sort of dual identity problem, and Jim Wright was my Buddy Love.  When I was a teen, I also used the identity as my alter ego during my short wrestling career in the Wagner Wrestling Federation and Wronski Wrestling Federation.

The Man Who Stole Brains was actually a novel I wrote, that I later broke up and serialized as a comic mini-series.  It was my first attempt at a spy novel.  My previous and first novel was Star Patrol, a rebooted  adaptation of Space Patrol, a comic series previously co-written by Phil Sheridan and myself.

The series only lasted a year, as it was only meant to be one story arc.  And then I didn't use the character again.

Until my Death of the Super Universe event, in which in one month I killed off every character I ever created.  I actually brought back Jim Wright for one story, four years after his last appearance, which was really his first appearance, just to kill him.  But it really was a good story, and the story was really about the Scorpion, which was really a story about Allorin Vonski and Shon Crest, who weren't in the story.  But it is about them.  Really, it is.  Trust me.  I wrote the story.

Anyways, so...

I killed him in 1992.  In 1998, in the mini-series called Timeline, he shows up.  Yes, I forgot he was dead.  Sometimes writers forget about that when they are dealing with large comic book universes with thousands of characters.  By the final issue, I had remembered that he was supposed to be dead, and in fact I address it by not addressing it.  At one point, Alison Swift meets Jim Wright.  Alison Swift happens to be operating at the time as the hero called Speedy.  Just before Alison's first appearance, all the speedsters on Earth had perished, absorbed into the Speed Force.  Then when Alison was visiting the Flash Museum in Central City, she was struck by lightning in a recreation of Barry Allen's lab.  She not only gained the powers of super speed, but all the memories of every speedster that came before her.

So as I said, she met Jim Wright.  And when she saw him, she looked shocked, and asked "How did you survive?"  You see, the Scorpion was one of those speedsters.  Thus, young Alison had her memories...all those memories.  Jim replied "I always survive."  Jim had thought she was referring to the recent scrape the heroes in this current adventure had been through.  He didn't recognize Alison was the Scorpion.


Perhaps he did somehow know, and was being coy.  Jim has never explained how he survived.

So after that mini-series, Jim Wright again went into obscurity, until he returned in the 2008 - 2009 mini-series called Crisis, where he was seen amongst those trying to take down the New Power.  Following that series, the National Heroes, a series from the 1980s, was revived.  The National Heroes in the 1980s had been a military group that had one goal:  the take down the New Power.  They didn't accomplish the goal.

Now, in 2009, the team was reformed.  This time, the government had the same mission, but they canned the military guys and recruited the former members of the Champions, all of whom had formerly been hunted by the government.  To work with these meta-humans, a few government types joined the team as well, including Jim Wright.

Jim Wright is a very sarcastic guy.  He loves danger.  He loves the ladies.  He hates authority figures.  He hates bureaucracy.  He hates dictators.  Oh, and he happens to sometimes seem to realize that he's a fictional character.  He even knows the name of his author.  And sometimes the author helps him out when he asks for it.

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