Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dan Briggs

Daniel Briggs

Created by Bruce Gellar

Real Name:  Dan Brigs

Current Occupation:  Unknown, former government agent

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  Unknown

Spouse:  Unknown

Children:  Unknown

Group Affiliation:  Impossible Mission Force

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Current Place of Residence:  Unknown

First Appearance: Mission:  Impossible "Pilot"


Daniel Briggs's main role in the team was as its "captain," which called for him to select the best people for the mission at hand. The team usually ended up consisting of Cinnamon Carter, Willy Armitage, Barney Collier and Rollin Hand. He would brief the team, then if needed, hand out extra disguises or devices.
As was the case with most characters in the series, Briggs's background and personal life were never explored in detail. The first mission of the series indicated that he had not worked with the IMF for some time prior to that mission. (The 'Voice on Tape' ended the first mission's instructions with the statement, "I hope it's welcome back, Dan. It's been a while.") Another mission, "Old Man Out," revealed that he had once romanced an IMF agent played by Mary Ann Mobley.[15] The only other insight into Briggs's personal life was his one off-book mission, "The Ransom," where the daughter of a personal friend of Briggs, a school teacher, is kidnapped in order to force Briggs to deliver a mob informant from police custody before he can testify before the grand jury.[16]
Briggs was depicted at times as a cold, calculating character, quite willing to kill in order to complete a mission. Notably, he was the only member of the IMF shown personally killing a non-target in anything other than self-defense, when he ambushed and killed a sentry to get through a checkpoint in "The Carriers."[17] At other times, he exhibited a father-like attitude towards his agents, and was frequently seen smiling encouragement and patting shoulders as missions progressed. Several episodes, such as "Shock," revealed that Briggs had acting, voice mimicry and disguise abilities similar to those of one of his agents, Rollin Hand.
Briggs was the lead of the IMF, presumably with the title of Director, in Season One (1966-1967) as he received the instructions from the 'Voice on Tape' and coordinated the team for all but one mission, and he played a significant role in most of the first season missions. At the start of the second season, James Phelps took over as lead of the IMF Team and no on-air explanation was offered for Briggs's disappearance. The real-life reason was that actor Steven Hill's Orthodox Jewish religious beliefs often conflicted with the shooting schedule, making it difficult for the production crew to meet deadlines. By mutual consent, his contract was not renewed for Season Two.[18]

Like the other Missions:  Impossible characters, Dan Briggs never appeared in a Super Comics story, but exists in the Wronskiverse because of Jim Wright's comment that he once belonged to the IMF.

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