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Colleen Hasser

Colleen Hasser

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Colleen Hasser

Current Occupation:  Deceased, former occupation unknown

Parents:  John and Elizabeth Hasser (Both deceased)

Siblings:  Maureen (Hasser) Wrigley (deceased) and Pauline (Hasser) Sherman

Spouse:  None

Children:  Shon Crest Junior

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Worcester

Place of Death:  Orange City

First Appearance:  History of the Super Universe # 1, April 1985


Colleen was one of three sisters, and the youngest of the three.  In the 1960s, these three sisters were chosen by the Universal Protectors to be the mothers of Earth's future champions.  Of course, the girls didn't know that.

Colleen was chosen to mother Allorin Vonski's champion.  When Colleen was barely 18, she met and ran off with Shon Crest, a nearly unaging adventurer who had the ability of super-speed and super-senses, and who had been the super-heroic Speedster.

Crest died in battle with the Master, but not before he had unknowingly impregnated Colleen.  Colleen named her son Shon Crest Junior, but sadly died during labor.

The wizard Allorin Vonski took the child and raised him within the Forbidden Forest, teaching him to use the abilities he inherited from his father.


Colleen Hasser is based physically and personality wise on one of my aunts, but of course and thankfully she never died, nor did she have a relationship with a speedster, and her children (none of which are named Shon) became super-heroes.

The character of Colleen was first introduced three years after Shon Crest's debut, in History of the Super Universe, in which the idea regarding the three sisters was first introduced.  The idea that the father was the original Speedster though came about years later, in 1991, in the series simply called Crest.

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