Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elizabeth Hasser

Elizabeth Hasser

created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Elizabeth Hasser (maiden name not revealed)

Current Occupation:  Deceased, former dietician

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  John Hasser (deceased)

Children:  Colleen Hasser, Pauline Sherman, Maureen Wrigley

Group Affiliation:  None

Place of Birth:  Worcester

Place of Death:  Worcester

First Appearance:  Super Comics # 1, November 1979


Elizabeth Hasser was a strong woman, whose husband left her, leaving her to raise her three daughters alone.  These three daughters would become the mothers of three of Earth's greatest champions:  Powerman, NighTrain, and Shon Crest.

Elizabeth died sometime during the years that Powerman was out in space.


Not much to say.  This character is based physically and personality wise on my grandmother, but my grandmother is still very much alive and well and has decades left in her.

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