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Yana Oo

Yana Oo

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Yana Oo

Alias:  Yana Oo Kowalski

Current Occupation:  Vice President, Bossman Enterprises

Parents:  Hwana Oo and Yana Chana

Siblings:  Too numerous to list

Spouse:  None

Children:  Connor Kowalski (aka Powerkid)

Place of Birth:  The planet Hanguk

Current Place of Residence:  Orange City

First Appearance:  Powerman # 82, August 1995


Yana Oo grew up on her home world of Hanguk, a world that had been occupied by the Booers before she had even been born.  She lived with a poor family with dozens of siblings.

In 1995, her whole world changed (quite literally) when Powerman arrived on her world, freeing the planet from Booer control and winning Yana's love.  The two married, and were quite content on Hanguk, until Powerman received a mental distress call from his sister on Earth, which he had to respond to.

Yana chose to go with him, leaving her family and world behind.  Also accompanying them were a group of adventurers whom Powerman had befriended on this world.

They arrived on Earth to find that during the three years Powerman had been away, a mutant named Adam had taken over the world, and had mental control over Earth's meta-humans.

Powerman of course defeated the villain, with the combined support of Earth's other champions.  Following this, Powerman and Yana chose to leave Earth to explore space (and the multiverse) along with Powerman's  friends from Hanguk and his closest Earth allies (NighTrain, Patience Glenndale, and Marvel).

For a year they settled into an alternate reality where they lived on a world where Superman had become it's greatest champion rather than Powerman (and had even survived his encounter with Doomsday.)

However, Yana became pregnant, and NighTrain and Patience had already had and were raising on their craft a three year old daughter, and so they chose to return home, and live a quiet, retired life in a world where super-heroics were no longer accepted.

The Kowalskis settled in the Pacific Northwest, and soon Connor was born.  Shortly after, and for the first time, Chris Kowalski (Powerman) started suffering from the results of a strange mood disorder that would cause him to have erratic behavior (which would later be revealed to be the work of Doctor Deadly).

Yana couldn't deal with Chris' strange new behaviors, and the two divorced.  Chris' mental breakdown continued to grow worse, and he left Earth to explore time, space, and alternate realities.  (In fact, it seemed that the further he was from his home, the less erratic he was.)

Yana continued to raise Connor in a normal environment, though struggling with cultural differences and being technically an illegal alien.  She also maintained a strong effort to have Chris' family be a part of Connor's life.

In 2007, Yana and Connor were visiting Orange City for Connor's birthday.  Chris had also arrived home for the festivities, and surprisingly, Chris' father, billionaire/villain Michael Bossman also showed up, having been released and allegedly reformed.  Michael began a close relationship with his grandson, though not to the liking of Chris, who didn't trust his father.

Shortly after, when the effects of Deadly's control were at it's strongest, Powerman killed the U.S. President,  and Connor discovered he had the powers of Powerkid and stopped his father, who was then freed from the mental control.

Though Yana didn't like it, she agreed to allow her son to continue operating as Powerkid (because she knew he would do it anyways.)

As part of having a billionaire as a grandfather meant that suddenly, Yana has suddenly found herself with a nice monthly allowance from Bossman Enterprises which suddenly made her wealthy.

When Chris' mother became sick in 2008, Yana and Connor moved to Orange City and into the family home.  Sadly, she passed away.

The next year, when Michael Bossman was revealed to still be a criminal, a clause in his corporate policies gave Chris, his sister Michelle, and Yana (as proxy for Connor) control of this mutli-billion dollar company.  Since Chris was at the time in hiding (having killed the president), Michelle became President of the company, and Yana (whose legality was being handled but was still questionable) was content with the role of vice president.

Yana still operates as VP of Bossman Enterprises, worries constantly about her son, and lives in Chris' childhood home with Michelle and Connor.


I have to be very careful with discussing the creation of evolution of this character, and the inspirations behind her.  Though anyone who knows me personally will read this and know exactly who is the real person behind the fictional one.

Legally, I'm not crossing any lines with the creation and use of this character, but that wouldn't stop the person who inspired this creation from bringing me to court anyways.  Good thing she never had any interest in my writing.

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