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Heroes of the People

Heroes of the People

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

First Appearance:  Heroes of the People # 5, January 1987


Allorin Vonski

Lucifer, Son of Satan

Angela, Princess of Another World

Speed Demon

Justice I

John Barstaman


Zap, Master of Power

Captain Hero II

Space Hero

Phil Sherman III

Kristen Kowalski


Pretty Gal I



Man-Killer I

Justice IV


Captain Hero III/American Way

Captain USA

Miss Perfection


Pretty Gal II



Man-Killer III

Adam Rubinstein

Jonathon Stanford

Jessica Warner

Gray Girl

The Charmer




There have actually been three different incarnations of the group called the Heroes of the People, all of which have not had long careers with that name.

First, in 1986, a team of heroes had gathered to defeat an invasion planned by the villainous alien god called Doctor Deadly.  These heroes decided to form a team which they called the Heroes of the Earth, and a legend was born.  Except that for the first month of their formation, they called themselves the Heroes of the People, since it was the people whom they were there for.  (This was in reaction to recent sentiments in America in which the people were turning against it's meta-human protectors.)  However, the team quickly adapted it's new and more famous name, as it's mission statement was to protect the world, and it's previous name seemed to reflect American people (as in the Declaration and Constitution).  Of course, the previous name also brought to mind communism, which was another reason for the change.

In 1989, just a couple of years later, Speed Demon did not feel that his team was really serving the people, and so broke off from the Heroes of Earth to form the next Heroes of the People, recruiting a new group that would serve the people's needs, rather than that of Allorin Vonski.  The team disbanded not long after, as the members of the team were not that committed to the cause.  Speed Demon rejoined the HOE.

Then, many years later, in 2010, a new young team of heroes was formed, gathered to fill the void in the absence of Powerman (who was in hiding and without powers) and as moral opposition to the more passive Heroes of Earth.  This more proactive team was led by Captain Hero, though the team was brought together by Adam Rubinstein.  Unlike most of the other heroes of the Wronskiverse at this time, this team's heroes were all much younger (and very inexperienced).  The only exception, though unbeknownst by all, was that one member, Jonathon Stanford, who was their mascot, was in fact the absentee Powerman.

This team is still in action.  During it's short existence, it has come into conflict many times with the Heroes of Earth, who fear that the inexperience of these youngsters will lead to disaster.  The HOTP have clashed repeatedly with a slew of villains that have strangely begun populating the town of Amherst and the UMass campus, and their biggest menace has been the League of Really Bad People.


The first incarnation of the team was my initial idea for the name of the team.  Heroes of the People # 5 actually followed Heroes, a four issue mini-series.  # 6 was renamed Heroes of Earth.

However, I took the name back for a short Heroes of Earth spin-off, that wasn't too successful.

Recently, as part of my Super Explosion, I brought the name back, to represent the new youthful heroes that had been cropping up in the Wronskiverse, as well as to identity the effects of a world without Powerman.  The members are all inspired by people I knew in college, merged with the identities of characters they played in our mock trial competitions.  The team has not had their own series, but is featured in recurring roles in Heroes of Earth, Powerman, and Justice.

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