Monday, September 26, 2011

Power Police

Power Police

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

First Appearance:  Justice League 2019 # 1, January 1991



Zap, Master of Power






In the year 2019, the next generation of heroes will form to become the Justice League, though shortly after, they would change their name to honor the more important group, the Powerkid Police, by calling themselves the Power Police.


This group appeared as Justice League 2019 for a year, then became Power Police 2020 the next year.

They haven't appeared since, but stay tuned.  This team will be the main focus of the entire Super Comics line in the coming year.  Thus why the theme is "Countdown to the Future".

And for the record, this Powerman is Connor Kowalski (currently Powerkid), this Zap is Tara Sherman, this Flash/Speedster is Alison Swift, this Krusher is Olive Madison, this Justice is Michelle Wrigley, and this Wanderer is the same character from our present.

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