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Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

First Appearance:  Super Comics # 23, September 1981


Booer is a planet within a solar system near our own where every world is populated with lifeforms more advanced than we are.

Booer itself is a world in which only females exist, and males are captured from other worlds and brought to Booer as slaves.  Booers (as those native of Booer are called) have greater strength and speed than humans.  They heal much faster and age much slower.  They are far more intelligent and have abilities of mental telethapy and telekinesis.  

Booers do not give birth, but rather clone themselves at a certain age, thus creating daughters who from our Earthly perspective would appear very close in age.

A long time ago, the Booers were a peaceful people ruled by an Empress, who contained great mystical abilities.  However, a power hungry Booer killed the Empress, but not before the Empress sent her power into a gem which she sent to Earth.  The Empress' killer became the first queen of Booer.

The Booers became a war like race that believed that the galaxy was theirs to conquer.  In 1972, they conquered the planet Hanguk for example, a world they occupied until 1995 when the hero Powerman rallied the Hangukians to rebel and free their world.

In 1979, teenager Christine Audder was on vacation in California when she discovered the Empress' gem and gained her power, which she used to become the heroic Witch Woman (though temporarily, she had been overcome with the Booer mentality in which men needed to be enslaved and tortured for her amusement.)

In 1981, three Earth teen boys were abducted and brought to Booer as a rite of passage by three teen Booer girls named Angela, Kirstina, and Tina.  (It's always been considered an odd coincidence that Booer women have Anglo-Saxon names.)  Angela didn't feel right about what was being done by her people, and allowed the three Earth boys to escape.  They went on to a series on adventures on various alien worlds before finally getting home.

The next year, Angel, the daughter of the Queen of Booer, as an act of rebellion, ran away to Earth.  At first, she became the villain called Man-Killer, keeping her Booer mindset, but after several confrontations with the heroic Powerkid, she realized her ways were wrong, and reformed, even joining the super-hero team called the Powerkid Police.

Shortly after that, Angela (who was in fact Angel's daughter), came to Earth herself, sick of the ways of her people.  After a brief time on Earth, in which she found herself becoming a singer, she was recruited by a music promoter to join a group of teen super-powered musicians as Super Rock.  The band was very successful for a year, then lost it's popularity and disbanded.

In 1983, Booer invaded Kookooronba, and though they were unsuccessful in conquering the planet, they still have a hold upon one of it's continents to this day.

Powerkid was instrumental in helping save Kookoorongba, which brought Earth to Booer's attention as it's next conquest.  And they did indeed make the attempt, but were repelled by the combined efforts of Powerkid, Man-Killer, Angela, the Powerkid Police, Super Rock, and the other heroes of Earth (which also included Witch Woman.)

Angel killed her mother, the queen, and took her place.  Angela opted to stay on Earth.

Under Angel's rule, Booer had set new more peaceful policies, but of course it's hard to make drastic changes overnight, and so though no new worlds were conquered, those already under their control remained so.

In 1986, the evil god-like Doctor Deadly began a plot to take back Earth that involved an alien alliance.  When Angel refused to participate, Deadly uses his powers of mental persuasion to force her to do his bidding.  Angela, upon speaking with her mother, sensed something was wrong and sought out Powerkid.  The two went to stop Booer and Deadly and were joined by other heroes, who defeated the plans and freed Angel from Deadly's influence.  The heroes involved chose to form a new super-team called the Heroes of Earth.

In 1990, the Booers discovered that Christine Audder had the gem, and in fact, the Empress' soul was within Christine, having been absorbed from the gem along with the power.  The Empress and Christine's personas merged, and the Empress took a faction of the Booers, including Angela and Kirstina, and migrated to another plane of existence, which was named Boor, thus they became Boors.

Those who had migrated found they had new abilities, such as teleportation and phasing through solid objects, as well as being able to travel from their dimension to ours and back at will.  They also had found they needed now to feed off the fear, pain, and sexual pleasures of males.

When the Empress began the old rituals again in order to sustain the Boors, Angela went to Earth to fight them.  She returned to the Heroes of Earth, now calling herself Power Woman.  Kirstina also left Boor, though simply because she wanted to follow her old rules, and became a villain, taking the name of Man-Killer.

Angela and Kirstina were both killed in 1992, but were resurrected in 2008 (by the Universal Protectors and the New Power, respectively.)  Angel also has given up her throne to return to Earth and serve as a member of a heroic team of former super-villains called the Bad Guys.

Booer's relationship currently with the rest of the galaxy can be related to America's cold war with the Soviet Union for several decades.

However, thanks to stories of the future, which have been told, we know that something will happen within the next few decades to change that.

By the time of the late 21st century, Booer will be a major constant threat to Earth.  In the 31st century, they will be in a full fledged war with Earth, allied with Doctor Deadly and space pirates.  In fact, they will have actually taken the war to Earth, where Earth will have to fight on their own planet to repel the invaders, which they will successfully do, until a century later, when the Booers unite with several other worlds to successfully conquer Earth, and divide the planet up among them.  

The future of the Booers (and Earth) beyond that time frame is unknown.


The Booers have many influences from several different war like alien races from popular sci-fi, such as Klingons and Khunds, (and even the Venusians from the final season of Mork and Mindy).  

Of course, there is also influences from the amazons of Greek mythology (and DC Comics) and from creatures like Succubi.  

And there is also, perhaps not so apparent, influences from the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and even the United States and it's foreign policy.

(And yeah, there are various overtones of BDSM type stuff thrown in there as well.)

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