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Chief Brian Spearing

Chief Brian Spearing

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Brian Spears

Alias:  Brian Spearing

Current Occupation:  Orange City Police Chief

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  Karate Spears, Charles Spearing Senior

Spouse:  Paulette Spearing

Children:  Charles Spearing Junior (adopted)

Group Affiliation:  Orange City Police Department

Place of Birth:  Earth-K

Current Place of Residence:  Orange City

First Appearance:  Super Comics # 23, September 1981


Brian Spears was born on an alternate Earth where the mightiest warriors were chosen to rule the planet.  His oldest brother, Karate, had become such a ruler.  His other brother, Charles, was equally as bloodthirsty.  Brian was odd in that he was humane and believed in justice.  He couldn't stand the world he lived in.  And he feared for the infant son of his brother Charles, to be brought up in this world.

Their Earth may have been more savage, but it was also more technologically advanced.  Brian used a device only for use by the highest of officials to scan into alternate realities.  He found an alternate Earth that seemed a utopia to him.  And he witnessed a man abducting his child, escaping from a distant planet, and bringing him to Earth, where they changed their names and began new lives.  (This was in fact Michael Bossman aka Robert Kowalski and his son Christopher.)  This inspired Brian, who abducted Charles Junior and used their experimental teleportation device to travel to this other Earth, destroying the device behind him.

Brian changed his last name to Spearing, and claimed young Charlie to be his own child.  He met and married a woman named Paulette and managed to get a job as a police officer in Orange City.  (How he obtained such things as birth certificates and social security numbers is unknown, but this was in the pre-digital age.)

He turned out to be one of the best cops in the force, and within less than a decade had become the chief of police for the entire city.  Meanwhile, he had moved his family to live on the same street as that family he had observed back on his homeworld.  His Charlie and Christopher had become good friends and classmates.  And even though Spearing knew Chris was an alien (something he kept to himself), he was not aware that Chris had become the urban legend called Super-Bob.

However, it was very shortly after Super-Bob began operating in the city and after Obie Planters had tried to blow up the city that Brian found himself meeting Super-Bob.  Super-Bob wanted Chief Spearing to know that he was real and on the side of the law.  He presented Spearing with a special communication device that could be used to contact Super-Bob at any time, via his super computer VIC-20.  From that point on, the two had developed a close professional relationship.

In 1982, Karate Spears discovered this other Earth, but the newly built teleportation devise was not as good as the original, and the only way for Spears to travel was to switch places with someone with very similar genetics.  It so happened, Charlie Spearing was the match, and was transported to Earth-K every time that Karate Spears visited Earth-B.  When Karate Spears returned to his world, Charlie would be transported home.

By 1991, Spearing had become police commissioner.  Two years later, the city was atomized.  Millions were killed by a death ray controlled by Powerman's greatest foes.  Charlie and Paulette were killed, but Brian had been in the underground armory and survived.

For 10 years the city was uninhabitable, and Spearing's activities during that time are unknown. But when the city was rebuilt in 2001, Spearing was asked back to be the police chief, which he accepted, and he continues to hold that position to this day.


Chief Spearing was inspired by an amalgamation of two real people from my childhood.  One was the father of a neighborhood friend, and the other a police officer in my home town.

Of course, the character holds the usual position required in any super-hero fiction of the one cop who can contact the hero.

However, the fact that he comes from an alternate Earth so different than ours makes him a little more unique than your average Commissioner Gordon or Inspector Henderson.

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