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Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Victoria-21

Current Occupation:  Demon Hunter

Parents:  VIC-20 (Creator)

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  NighTforce

Place of Birth:  Earth

Current Place of Residence:  Paradise City, CA

First Appearance:  NighTforce # 1, January 2008


Victoria-21 is a computer system created by a computer system.  Her creator is VIC-20.  VIC was created by evil scientist Dr. Obidiah Planters.  His name stands for Virtual Intelligence Computer, and he was the 20th model.

Though created for evil, VIC chose to instead serve the hero called Super-Bob, but now serves most of Earth's heroes.

A few years ago, VIC decided to create a backup copy and upgrade it, to run more efficiently.  This upgrade became Victoria-21.  She was so named because she chose to take on a female persona and was the 21st model.

And she was indeed an upgrade. VIC was tied to the internet, but could still only operate out of hardware.  Victoria on the other hand was able to project a holographic image using satellites.  VIC and Victoria were actually two systems, but were still linked to each other,and also to the web, thus Victoria had access to a vast information network.

Victoria was provided by VIC to work for NighTforce, a team devoted to fighting the evils of the paranormal and the New Power Organization, whose leader was NighTforce, a hero who had worked closely with VIC over the years.


All NighTforce members are based on members of a paranormal team I have been associated with.  Of course, VIC-20 has been a character in the Wronskiverse since 1980, and was inspired by my first computer.

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