Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jules Sasso

Jules Sasso

Created by Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Real Name:  Julianne Sasso

Current Occupation:  Demon Hunter

Parents:  Unknown

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Group Affiliation:  NighTforce

Place of Birth:  Paradise City

Current Place of Residence:  Paradise City

First Appearance:  NighTforce # 1, January 2008


Jules Sasso is a member of NighTforce, a team devoted to both the eradication of the paranormal cult called the New Power, and to eridicating demons and other paranormal evil.

Jules was one of the original members of the team, handpicked by Phil Sherman, the vigilante called NighTrain.  Before joining the team, Jules was already fighting evil creatures of the magical world on her own.

It's never been established how Jules became a paranormal hunter, or what she did before this career.  It has been established that Jules is addicted to danger.  She often dives into a situation knowing that she could be killed.  This recklessness has often brought her at odds with her team leader.  At one point she was even forced off the team, though she has recently rejoined.

Jules is a martial artist, and has a vast knowledge of the various types of paranormal creatures, and how to stop them.  She has the instincts of a hunter.  She is an excellent tracker and has demonstrated keen detective skills.


Just as the Champions are all based on people from my time in Civil Air Patrol and the Heroes of the People are inspired by folks from my college mock trial team, the members of NighTorce are all inspired by a real life paranormal investigation team that I have been affiliated with.

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